Monday, February 1, 2016

Tierra Mia | 75

(photo taken: December 5, 2015)

I feel so many of you will disagree with me because everyone is obsessed with Tierra Mia. The first time I heard about it was because of the Horchata Frap hype. Horchata isn't my fave, I'm more of a Jamaica type of gal! But any who, I heard everyone talking about it and saying it was the best, forgetting about Starbucks because this new place is bomb and I don't know what. If I hear someone talk great about a place I'll want to check it out. But when it's a bit too obsessive and I feel EVERYONE is talking about it, all over social media, it doesn't make me want to go. I immediately hate the place without even stepping inside. Just like the hype over Clifton too. 

So after a few years, I finally stepped into Tierra Mia. Milton and I went to the one downtown, of course where else would we be? He ordered a regular coffee and I just ordered the chocolate croissant thing. Nothing really stood out to me on the menu that I wanted to try. 

The little dessert was really good which is shocking because I don't like chocolate too much. I honestly didn't think I'd like it. I tried Milton's coffee, that was crap. At first it was too hot so I wasn't able to get the taste. But afterwards it just tasted so weird. It tasted like if it was watered down. Even after trying to fix it with milk and sugar, it just had a bad taste to it but which was really disappointing. Inside the store there's this whole story about where they get their coffee beans from and stuff. Apparently they need to get them from another place.

I wasn't going in there with high hopes, but I was willing to give it a shot. I'd only go back for that chocolate croissant because it was delicious! I feel if your regular coffee doesn't taste great, that should say something about your "special" drinks. If you guys have some suggestions for good drinks (NOT the horchata frap or any ice blended drinks) let me know! And maybe I can give it another try.

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