Thursday, February 4, 2016

Syrup Desserts | 76

(photos taken: December 06, 2015)

And here we are again. Discovering another "hyped up" place.

Syrup Desserts. I thought everyone knew about this place, but I've come across people who haven't heard of it. As the name says, this place serves desserts, coffee, I'm not sure about sandwiches...maybe...maybe I'm wrong. As requested, we were originally going to review/vlog about our experience here...but that never happened. 

Coming here was out of the blue. Milton and I walking around Downtown (as usual) and we finally found it. We weren't really searching for it, but we got there and decided to try it out. Appearance wise, this place is legit! It's has dark walls, chairs, tables, has a nice dark vibe to it. There's a second floor which is small, more private which was nice! Since it was our first time being here, we didn't go big on ordering something. I have a thing that if I try a new place, food, coffee, etc., I'll get something small and inexpensive. If I don't like it, at least I didn't waste money. And if I do enjoy it, I can always try something new next time!

The chick there seemed nice. She gave us the menu, we just chose the red velvet cake. I was obsessed with it, but I think this experience ruined it for me...and the one from Lemonade. *future possible blog post on that* She said we could sit where we'd like and she'd bring it to us. It was probably dumb for me to think they were making it at the moment. We went to the top floor which gave us a view from downstairs. She left for a while, we thought she'd bring it soon. Spending time talking, taking pictures and stuff, we realized it was taking a while. She was back taking orders from two people. She kept standing at the counter on her phone. No biggie, they'll probably bring it fresh I thought. 

So by this time I think 15 minutes passed and cake. This entire time she was waiting at the counter on her phone. It wasn't busy. No one was ordering anything. I see her putting her phone away and get the cake from the display window. She cut the slice, put it on the plate then went to the back for the ice cream scoop. She still took a while, by this time I was thinking "damn they must be making their own ice cream or something". I didn't mind too much because there was no rush, but it's still inconvenient. But hey, would you rather have your cake done quick or delicious?

She finally brought it up to us. I was excited because I mean come on, look at it, it looks so cute and good! A few snaps (to later complain about it) and we both tried it. Dry. Not moist. Cream was odd. No good. Cake should be fluffy and moist and basically taste like what clouds would taste. This was hard and dry. Probably as dry as doing the cinnamon challenge! Yes you can say I'm picky, but even Milton agreed it was bad. My cake spot is Adams and Figueroa! This was either $6 or $7, so I didn't want to toss it away. The ice cream was even melting...and it wasn't hot. 

The whole time the worker was standing there I thought she was waiting for the chefs to bring it or something. She was just chilling for about 15-20 minutes and ended up giving us a dry piece of cake from the window. If she would have given it to us at the moment, I wouldn't have been too angry. But why waste others' time for crappy dessert? I left pretty upset and disappointed, I wasted $6, I could have bought a burrito with that!! Milton wanted to order a coffee at first, but he didn't want it anymore. I know a lot of people eat crepes or waffles here, but I'd rather look for another place or do it myself.

California Pizza Kitchen serves the same thing: slice of red velvet cake and a scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream. That's $7 and sooo much better! It passes the cake taste with it being fluffy and the cream being delicious, no melting ice cream. If you want red velvet, go to CPK instead!

Ohh Syrup Desserts. Time consuming. Dry cake. Not fresh. Sometimes all it takes is that first impression.

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