Monday, June 20, 2016

Orlando Shooting | 80

(photo taken: June 14, 2016)

This post has been long overdue despite the fact that it's only been a week. It might be a good thing because I won't be as aggressive, at least I'll edit it out. But I do have to give a warning...

DISCLAIMER: If you get easily offended, stop reading. If psycho people like this person have the right to obtain deadly arms, I have the right to say what I want to say without people starting chaos!'ve been warned! 

Don't know where to start so I'll just start with this: WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE OPEN MINDED AND BE ACCEPTING? I don't remember who I heard this from, most likely a YouTuber, but "as long as you're not causing harm to yourself or others, do what makes you happy"! I'm a strong believer in that. These people weren't doing anything wrong. They're not living life "wrong". In fact they're living it to the fullest by being who they are instead of being afraid and depressed, suicidal, etc. The majority of them had good jobs or were in good paths or a bright future. What's the difference, yes it's "same sex", but it's still love which is what this world desperately needs! People worrying over the fact that two men or two women are in a romantic relationship, but keep in mind there's also people who get involved with their own siblings or cousins, then having children with both mental and physical disabilities. You're not anyone to tell someone who they can and cannot love. You can't control someone's lifestyle, you can only be accepting and supportive. During those days a mom was talking to some reporters and she just broke my heart. 36 hours til she found out her son had died. She was proud of the life he was living and the example he was giving. He organized the LGBT group in his school and had done many great things. And in the end, in tears and bawling, she pleaded for everyone to "just get along, why can't we accept each other and love each other?" They were just ordinary people having a fun time, seems like we're not allowed to do that anymore. 

I know many people take the "religious approach". And see, I don't want to disrespect any religion or belief, unless it's completely morally wrong. "God doesn't love gays", have you personally talked to God about his likes and dislikes? You're against two people of the same sex loving each other, but you're preaching and believing in something you've never seen. It's said somewhere in the bible, from what my grandma says, that if someone does something horrible (example: a massacre) and if they're truly sorry about their actions, God will forgive them and let them into heaven. I'm sorry, what? If God can forgive and accept someone like that, He can love and accept people with different "interests". The popular saying, "Dios dijo Adan y Eva, no Jose y Juan"...I don't know if it's popular among you guys, but everyone in the neighborhood would say that. Anyway, let's say that's what God says. God also says one shouldn't lie, steal, should honor their parents, shouldn't commit adultery, etc. Yet everyone does that! There's siblings all with different dads and the same mom, you have people stealing from each other and holding false testimony, marrying their 3rd partner in like a 5 year span. They're also going against what God says or what's in the bible, but why is it that they don't suffer the same as these innocent people?

I don't know how many more lives need to be lost, I don't know how many more parents' hearts need to be broken and how many more massacres need to occur in order for change to actually happen! On Sunday morning, June 12th, I woke up and checked my phone. Since I have my notifications on for breaking news, I began seeing the words: BREAKING NEWS, ORLANDO, CLUB. As I was scrolling through it and turning on the news, unfortunately the first thought that came to mind was "another one"? As if this is something that ALWAYS happens and it's normal. That's what it's become. It's all you hear about: shootings, killings, guns, etc. I don't want to be living in a place where things like this is the norm. I don't want to be living in fear. I'm 20! I want to enjoy going out in the day and night without having to fear for my life. I want to be able to enjoy fireworks without worrying if it was fireworks or gun shots. I don't want the future generation to grow up with this mindset and being afraid of exploring and being themselves. This is supposed to be the land of the free, we can't live in fear.

By now I lost my train of thought and don't know what else I had to say. But I think I covered the most important key points. Let me know what your opinion is! I'm shocked at how much this tragic event has hit me. Every time I see or hear something related it brings tears to my eyes and it's something I keep in my mind. I don't know what's it gonna take for actions to replace words. Because I'm honestly tired of hearing "my thought and prayers are with the families", if we act on this there wouldn't be a need to say that. 

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