Friday, May 27, 2016

Beauty | 79

(photo taken: April 10, 2016)

I feel like lately I've been spending a lot of time thinking about MANY things and debating with my own self. All of the things I've been wondering about are important in their own way. But today's is going to be about beauty. I don't know why I'm introducing it as if I'm on a talk show..

I've never understood why flaws make a person beautiful. You think of flaws as imperfections, as things that make you ugly. But I finally understood why it makes you beautiful (or handsome because beauty isn't limited to just women). Think of flowers for a moment. There's many many different type of flowers. Different colors, different shapes, different smells, and we still find them lovely and can brighten up pretty much anyone's day. So if we see flowers in that way, why don't we see each other like that? Just because someone is different does not make them ugly. Freckles, stretch marks, birth marks, from physical to internal flaws, it all makes us who we are.

We all have this perfect idea of how we'd like to look. Whether it's slimmer, thicker, taller, shorter, lighter, darker, different hair/eye color, etc. Let's say you do become that "perfect" vision of yourself. Perfect isn't always great. Perfect is sometimes boring. It's like you're coming out of a factory, ever heard that saying, "fue mandadito hacer"? Let's start with something simple as eye color. I love green/blue eyes, I wish I could have them or at least hazel/caramel looking eyes. If I were to have that I feel people would just like me because of that. If we're looking at it in a romantic relationship, they'd enjoy looking into my eyes and saying the most cliche things comparing them to the ocean and what not. But no. I have dark brown eyes. Simple, poop color eyes. So that makes Milton work hard to "conquistarme". lol I don't know if I'm getting my point across. I feel I'm trying to give so many examples but I'm not really explaining myself which makes me want to stop writing..but I've gone too far. 

Being you, being the way you are, you know someone will be your friend (or partner) for the right reasons. They'll dig deep and get to know you instead of just being with you because of your body or your looks. Am I explaining myself? Probably not. But anyway, I think we all need to accept the things we can't change about ourselves. If you complain about having fat or not having a slim stomach, there's workouts for that. But you can't complain about the birth mark on your shoulder, you can't complain about things that came to you naturally. You don't like them because not everyone has it. You don't like it because you're different from everyone else. AND THAT'S THE POINT! You're not supposed to look the same as someone else. You're your own person! Just how we all have different thumbprints that identify us, we all carry something different on/within us to make us DIFFERENT! 

Just embrace it. I'm me, you're you, he's him, etc. What you complain about yourself, other people would want. You think someone's perfect from head to toe but even they have insecurities. 

I hope I explained myself..

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