Sunday, September 27, 2015

O Postive | 02

(photo taken: October 25, 2013)

I don't know why my eyes are shutting down so early tonight. But anywho, I guess I should have put a warning sign in case anyone with a sensitive stomach sees this picture...YOLO, I'm sure you guys have seen worse! Sooo, the first time I ever donated blood was April 12, 2012, not sure why I still remember the date perfectly well. I'm not gonna lie, I was scared because I didn't know if I would faint afterwards or I mean come on, NEEDLES! I went through it, signed up, got called for a little test of my iron level, blood pressure, and temperature. Followed by some questions online, and then I was ready to GO! I was pretty nervous, I didn't wanna look like a fool and feel light headed or cry! But thankfully everything went well! I definitely stayed laying a while just to be on the safe side, but I didn't feel any negative side effects! Afterwards I went to the table filled with snacks and downed a lot of water, I'm telling you I really didn't wanna seem like a weak person lol And ever since then, every time there would be a blood drive at school, I'd always be there! I've been lagging on appointments. Mostly because I have problems regarding my pulse or my iron level, so I decide to relax a while. But I encourage people to try donating blood! Yes I know, needles aren't great. But with that little pinch, you can save up to 3 lives! To me, that second of "pain" is SO worth it, because it's for someone who is probably fighting with pain 100 times worse, and fighting for their life! I also received letters in the mail saying where my blood was shipped to, and who it helped. It just feels great knowing that not only are you just helping someone else, you're saving a life! It's also a pretty ignorant comment when someone says they need blood too and giving away blood isn't good. Obviously people with that point of view have not been informed or don't read. You regain that blood quickly, fresh new blood! So, I mean I know it's not everyone's favorite thing to do. I know people would rather go to a movie, out to eat, go for some coffee, than sit down answering whether you've accepted money or drugs in exchange for sex (yes, they ask you that). But it'll be amazing if more people decided to TRY and donate blood! You never know when you might need a blood transplant (heaven forbid), remember: what goes around, comes around. And a second of pain is worth saving someone's life! 


  1. It is a good feeling to donate blood. I've been trying to get my bf to do it but he's scared of needles so he never budged. Also, we're the same blood type :D

    1. I find it funny how they're guys and feel tough until needles are involved lol