Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Oreo | 06

(photo taken: February 4, 2014)

This happened two days after my 18th birthday (86 weeks ago according to Instagram). I never had a dog. The only pets I had were fishes, my dad killed them after heating up their fish tank, a turtle, which I accidentally killed when I was small, and a hamster, eaten by my brother's hamster along with my other brother's hamster. So as you can see, interesting stories for blog posts, but I have had bad luck with pets! This happened after leaving a friend's house. I was walking with J (for the sake of "privacy"), and we saw this dog across the street. I'm not sure what dog it was, let's say it was a pitbul, one of those "mean" and "tough" looking dogs. So naturally, we were afraid of the dog. We kept crossing streets trying to avoid it, but it kept following us. After a while, we realized that he was such a sweetheart! I fell in love with him, and at first he was with J, but after a while he wouldn't leave my side. So instead of taking the bus, we decided to walk and see how far he'd follow us, and it was a good while! We tested him so many times, he'd stay with me if J would walk away, but if I left or I would stop walking he'd stay by my side. By this moment he won my melted heart! We went into a little store to try to get him some water. He had no tag so we didn't know if he was a stray or if he belonged to someone. We reached a park and decided to go there with him. He wandered around for a sec., but managed to get back to us, look at him being such a natural posing and stuff! After trying to call him different names, we realized he listened to Oreo, so that was his name. I was really considering walking all the way home (waaay more than an hour walk) if he didn't leave my side. But after leaving the park, he left us. I'm not gonna lie, my heart broke and we tried waiting at the corner and went around trying to look for him. He wasn't in sight. I was pretty sad, that was one of the sweetest moments I've ever had with a random dog! I remember that night I kept wondering if he had a home or if he was just in the streets. And that's my story of my temporary dog. Other people might not look at it as a big deal, but I've always wanted a dog! And the fact that we were so afraid of him in the beginning and he ended up being such a sweetheart, I don't know. To this day I still get happy but sad thinking about little Oreo!   

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