Thursday, October 1, 2015

October | 07

(photo taken: October 29, 2013)

HAPPY 1ST OF OCTOBER GUYS!!! WE'RE NOW IN OCTOBER AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!!! Okay, relax with the all caps. But fur real, (90's kids do you guys remember Fur Real friends? I always wanted one!) I'm excited for the following weeks, months, everything! I started feeling happy when I saw leaves starting to change colors and fall, then once Autumn kicked in, and now that we're in October it just seems more real! I'm ready for the Disney Channel Halloween movies! I just get happy because everything from here and on is exciting! Halloween and Christmas, mmm I live for those holidays! It does suck that it gets dark soon, because my curfew is "cuando este oscuro" #mexicanparents But everything else is great! I don't know what I'll be for Halloween, boyfriend and I haven't come to an agreement yet. Cheesy, I know. Although here in LA, it's like if we only have 3 weeks of actual cold throughout the year! But aside from all the excitement, deep down, I don't want it to go by quick. October till New Year always flies by because everyone is excited for the holidays and doing so much that you don't feel the time go by. I know that as soon as the holidays end (which in this household is until the first week of January because Dia De Los Reyes), my birthday will come shortly. And I don't want to turn the big two-ohh! Like wth, I can't believe I'm gonna be that age already. I feel I just turned 18 or something. Goodbye to my teenage years, a chapter closing, LIKE HOW SAD IS THAT??? It's even more sad for me because ever since I was little I NEVER wanted to grow up! I wanted to stay "young" and be the little girl. But, whether I like it or not, that day is gonna come and it just saddens me. I haven't and am no where near accomplishing the things I expected to when I was a kid. So hopefully in that way I gain motivation to start doing things. I was so excited for my teen years, I'm not ready for "adulthood", sounds sooo boring and expensive and like so many responsibilities! Okay I'm getting side tracked. For those of you to take the time to read these posts, first off THANK YOU! And second, you'll notice that a lot, I get off topic and it's hard for me to stop lol But for today that's it. I think I've made it clear that I love October and the months to follow, and I hope the following months go great for all of you, your families, and loved ones! *touching moment* 
Btw, I was able to post with 6 minutes to spare! I've been blogging consecutively, and I want to keep going to daily blogs! Goodnight! 

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