Friday, December 4, 2015

DOTD 2015 | 66

(photos taken: October 26, 2015)

I won't get into what Day of the Dead is and the entire story and traditions behind it because I've already blogged about that two months ago. If you want to read that go ahead and click here :) 

Instead I'll only show pictures of the altars I saw this year. It took place at the Music Center and in Grand Park and there were some new additions. Stay tuned for the last one to see the most creative and my favorite one! ENJOY!

As an owl lover, this just made my heart happy. As this generation would say, "this is my aesthetic". 

That mustache! 

"Stop violence against women" 

"If he hits you, he doesn't love you"
"I don't want your compliment, I want your respect"

Altar for deceased pets. Complete with little dog cages, toys, and food bowls. 

Each bell thing had the names and age of cyclists who have died. Helmets to show to important it is to wear a helmet, most accidents being fatal because there had been damage to the head. 

Hit a bit close to me since both my brothers ride bikes, without helmets. 

"With love and respect always" 
Something this world needs to learn!

"Teeth" made from cassette tapes, "eyes and nose" made from CDs. Altar made for musicians.


Hint #1: Do you see it?

Hint #2: Any guesses? Look closely!

Hint #3: Do you see it now? 

TADAAAAA!!! This was sooo beautiful and if you saw closely super creative and time consuming! This entire thing was built with recyclable things: forks, spoons, cups, I think straws, even the bride and groom were built from recyclable things! Like can you imagine how much time it took to make this? Not only is it beautiful because hashtag eternal love, but it's such a creative idea! Props to the mastermind behind this!!! 

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