Friday, December 4, 2015

Unknown Museum | 67

by Mary Clark-Camargo
"What Remains to be Seen" 

(photos taken: November 1, 2015)

I want to give full credit to the artists behind these five pieces of art. These are the ones that mostly caught my attention! I don't know the name of this little art museum but it's by Placita Olvera and it was open for Dia De Los Murtos! Hope you enjoy the stories as much as I did!

by Wendy Viscarra 
"Estrano Tus Carinos"
I regret the fact that I didn't take a good picture of the description! But this was my favorite one out of all! The following is most of the description, some empty spots I couldn't see what it was. BEAUTIFUL is all I can say for this!

"This carriage lamp was inspired by a deceased loved one. It indicates on the...'Estrano tus carinos" translated to 'I miss your loving affection'".

"...on the front of the artwork indicating true love. Even though the heart is broken, the emotions and love are everlasting." 

by Tony Petborisooth 
"Pat's Run"


"Pat Tillman was a player on the Arizona State football team and later for the Arizona Cardinals. After the September 11th attack, he quit the NFL and joined the US Army and was killed in Afghanistan. 

Every year, there is a run in his memory to raise money for the Pat Tillman Foundation that is 4.2 miles and ends on the 42 yard line (42-Pat's number at ASU) with shadow races that take places in various cities across the country. As a Sun Devil alum, I picked this run honoring the memory of Pat Tillman."

by Gabriela Zapata 
"A Donde Van Los No Nacidos?
(Where Do The Unborn Go?)"


"Where Do The Unborn Go?
I lost you in the infinite universe...
My sick body could not sustain your frail existence
Did you return to Mother Earth's womb before being born from mine? 
Where is it that the unborn go?
Perhaps the Womb of the Moon?
My heart still weeps for you..."

"A Donde Van Los No Nacidos?
Te perdi en el infinito Universo...
Mi cuerpo enfermo no pudo sustentar tu fragil existencia
Regreasaste al Vientre de la Madre Tierra antes de nacer de el mio?
A donde es que van los no nacidos?
Acaso iran al Vientre de la Luna?
Mi corazon aun te llora..."

by Mika Revell


"OuroBorus, from the Greek language, meaning to eat one's tail symbolizes the cycle of rebirth, reincarnation and self-destruction. The figure curls backwards in a state of recreation and eternal return. The gold teeth of the figure symbolize the Chinese gold leaf on the Joss paper, burned in funeral pyres and wealth in the after-life."

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