Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lavazza | 64

(photos taken: October 16, 2015)

LAVAZZA! The coffee here is amazinnng! This is how amazing it is: I haven't had a cup of coffee from this place because I feel I'll be anxious afterwards. 

I came across this coffee shop because I always walk pass it when I go downtown. I saw it since it was barely being constructed and I thought it would be a bar. It looked really nice though! And once I saw they were finishing it up, I knew I had to check that place out! 

So it is a bar place, sort of. During the day it's open for both drinks, coffee, and as a lunch spot. But at night it's next to The Teragram Ballroom (a showroom) so it's more like a bar at night. However, I think it's only opened to those who go to watch the show because their main entrance is closed.

I believe it was a latte that I've ordered from there. For my preference I had to add a bit of sugar, but besides that it's really good! And I was prepared to pay like $5 for that cup of coffee, came to $3, so it's reasonable! I haven't tried the food from there but from what I've seen, and smelled, it looks really delicious! I thought Lavazza was just the name of the place, until I saw it in another restaurant and it said, "now serving Lavazza coffee", apparently it's an Italian coffee company.

Interesting to think about, the band Eagles of Death Metal performed in this spot before they were in Paris during the attacks. I didn't know this, Milton had told me about it and it was kind of crazy to think about. 

Although I haven't tried much from this place, I like it because it's really chill. It's dim lighting inside, they have candles on the tables (new addition), and the bathroom is so legit! I may or may not have had a photo shoot there! They are also opening another coffee place or something soon. So I'll stay tuned for that! 

Location:  1234 W. 7th St. 90017

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