Monday, November 30, 2015

Farmer's Market | 63

(photo taken: September 17, 2015)

Farmer's Market! I had never been to one which is kind of lame. Living in Los Angeles there's always one within a few blocks away, but I never really went to one and looked through, I'd just pass by. This one is held on FIGat7th every Thursday. And even weird that we're always downtown, especially Target, and we always smelled fresh bread but we never stopped by. If you take away the bad effects I had, that experience was pretty cool!

We went to vlog but we didn't even get to it. I felt a bit uncomfortable because it's not so big and there were people who would stare at us when we tried doing vlogging. So we didn't vlog that. They have big bags of kettle corn which I bet tastes great because the smell is phenomenal! *props for using a different word to describe food!* Milton wanted some but it was too much for him and I'm not allowed to eat because of my braces. Which I know a lot of people who have/had braces yet they still eat everything. I'm not those type of people. I'm in the last months of it and I don't want to ruin my teeth or anything, so I'll just wait till the day I can eat kettle corn with no worries! 

They have fruit, a little pricey if you ask me. We got a sample of strawberries and they were pretty big and really good! I took a few more pictures but I accidentally deleted them and this one was the only one that survived. They sell flowers, nuts/almonds, a lot of fruit, Homeboys bakery, even tamales! I guess certain stands are not always there because when we went there was a stand for coffee and for natural juices, haven't seen those anymore. 

We immediately walked over to the coffee stand. I'm not sure, I think it was Arabic coffee, but one of the most finest/richest coffee beans picked from I don't know how many feet of altitude and stuff. I acted interested but really I just wanted some coffee! We both got an iced coffee and they had creamer on the side along with liquid sugar which I found pretty cool! I really liked the coffee, but the effects weren't good! I don't know if it was the coffee or the juice...

Next to the coffee stand was a juice stand. It was all about natural juices and how it's good for your body and all this stuff. We had some samples which were really tasteful! I decided to buy a juice because why not? It was a citrus juice with grapefruit, I think orange, I'm not sure what it consisted of. But the result was a nice pink orangeish color. We left happy, I was sure I was going to be there again next week for another juice. 

Well by the time I got home I felt super anxious. I couldn't really catch my breath, I felt a bit light headed, the same feelings I get when I drink certain coffee. I kept feeling bad and it wouldn't get better. Since I was home alone, I decided to leave the house to get some fresh air, and took a water bottle with me. I started feeling just a little bit better, so I decided to head downstairs, where there's witnesses in case I pass out! I really don't know what it was. I can't really blame one or the other because I'm not sure what it was. If the coffee was really that great and strong, then there's a chance that took a toll on me. The juice was so "natural" that it wasn't pasteurized. I didn't see it till I was home and I searched it up. Apparently juices are pasteurized by being heated to a high temperature to kill harmful bacteria. These juices that aren't pasteurized (2%) still have that bacteria that can make people sick...and it said some cases have Salmonella. Was it the juice? Was it the coffee? Who knows, all I know is that I felt really bad and had to down water to calm down and feel just a bit better. I also couldn't keep my food down, but I don't know if that was for the same thing. Moral of the story: I won't buy any of these juices again!

But nonetheless, I think farmer's markets are fun although they can be pricey. I honestly just go for the good smells and samples!   

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