Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dancing With The Stars S20 | 70

(photos taken: November 24, 2015)

I won't be uploading all the pictures I took because some are repetitive, blurry and there's just a lot. But I just want to talk about the day Milton and I went to the Grove to see the finale of Dancing With The Stars season 20! 

I originally didn't want to watch this season because I didn't think it would be fun since I didn't know anyone, but the first episode got me hooked! Did you guys know Carlos from Big Time Rush married Alexa the girl from Spy Kids? That's beyond cute! The top three finalists included Alek (bae) and Lindsey, Nick and Sharna, and Bindi and Derek! 

We weren't planning on going so it was a spontaneous thing, we just caught the bus and decided to go! We ended up getting there around 3 and there was already a lot of people! We had to make line and they were counting people off into groups as they led them in. It was an outside event but it was closed down so you couldn't just sneak in there. For a moment I wanted to go back home because I remembered that the finalists will be dancing in the ballroom and not outside, and it was only 3, 5 hours until the show began! 

It was also getting cloudy so I thought it would start raining. We weren't too close to the stage so I was putting myself down...but it's a good thing we didn't leave! We actually got to see the finalists for a while so I was happy once that happened! Actually, I was a bit too happy because as soon as I saw Alek I screamed and I somehow leaned in too hard towards Milton and my earring stabbed my ear...there was blood involved. Anywho, once we were close to going on live, they moved us more forward so everything was going in my favor! They used the trolley for the opening of the show, which they later took away so we ended up being really close to the stage! 

(Val Chmerkovskiy pumping us up before we go live)

The other stars started showing up and I was like YES I'M GLAD WE DIDN'T LEAVE! We saw pretty much everyone that was in this season. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Val, but when I saw him I completely fan girled and just stood there, so Milton tried taking pictures for me but they weren't so clear. I guess he was excited as well!

(Emma Slater slaying before the show started) 

As you can tell and will see, we got the chance to see a lot of people including the ones we wanted! We didn't stay until the end unfortunately, but my night was made just by going! I definitely want to be on the watch for events like this! Since there are more pictures coming I'll just stop here so you can see the rest of the "HD" pictures! Enjoy!

(Carlos PenaVega prepping for the dance that made my night!) 

(Carlos along with the male pro dancers...ohh and Erin)

(The Magic CARLOS dance, not bad at all, Christmas came early!)

(Erin living my dream up there surrounded by Carlos, Val, Keo, and Artem) 

(Emma and adorable Hayes Grier who doesn't look or act like a 15yr old)

(Alek and Lindsey waaay before the show started. This was when I screamed and fan girled too hard that I punctured my ear with my earring...worth it!)

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