Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lash Sensational Review | 69

(photos taken: November 20, 2015) 

First off, if you know me or if you follow me on Twitter you'll know how much I rant on about finding the "perfect mascara", how I hate my lashes and wish to have long and full lashes! I'm always looking for mascara reviews/demos (first impressions videos are my favorite) to see which one I should try out. So I've been trying out some, I still have more to try, and I hope maybe someone finds these reviews helpful! 

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to come across as a "beauty guru" or expert, I'm no where close to that. This is just my opinion and it can vary from person to person. Everyone is different and we all have different preferences. 

Going through the cosmetics section at Target I decided to ask the beauty concierge for help instead of just getting a random mascara. Which btw I think Target did great with hiring a beauty concierge because they are really helpful! I asked her what I was looking for and her lashes amazed me so I asked what she uses. She suggested the Lash Sensational from Maybelline. I was skeptical about it because it was $8.99, and I wasn't sure about spending money like that, what if I didn't like it? So I took the risk and went for it. 

I got home and immediately took off the mascara I was wearing and tried it on! The "first impression" I guess you can say, is the picture above, and yes I was really impressed! Here comes the part where I discuss what I like or dislike about it...

First off, just by the look of the tube I fell in love with it! I love the color and it looks like really sophisticated. I was shocked by the brush, I wasn't sure how I'd use it. I really like curved brushes and especially this one it's pretty thick. I know that thick brushes are mainly for volumizing your lashes, something I'm not much a fan of, so I wasn't looking forward to it. I tried it and I really enjoyed it! This is the non-waterproof one and no I don't curl my eyelashes, just for the record! I fell in love with how they looked so I decided to keep it and continue to test it out. 

(photo taken: November 22, 2015)

Some people might not agree, but knowing my eyelashes and how not full they are, this mascara gave them the full and fanned effect! Made them look like I do have a lot of lashes! It does give them length and the the right amount of volume! Not the ugly kind that looks like you got paint and smudged them on your lashes. I only use 1 coat, 2 when I want them to pop out more. 

(photo taken: November 24, 2015)

One eye with and the other without mascara to show the difference...and sorry about the mess I made on my top lid, I'm telling you I'm no expert! There was no flaking, clumping, or smudging of any sort. It does stay on the entire day, on a scale of 1-5 I'll give that a 3.5 or 4 maybe. Overall this mascara worked wonders for me and on a scale 1 to 5, 5 being the best, I'd give this a 5 and I wouldn't mind buying it again! I do 1-5 because 10 is too much for me, I feel there's a lot of factors you have to look through. Maybe one thing I wasn't a fan was that through time it wouldn't like the same at the end of the day. Not so lifted or long, but it wasn't a let down either! I'd still recommend it because not every mascara works for me, I'm pretty picky!  

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