Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Rocket Review | 73

(photos taken: December 2, 2015)

I've heard that this is such a great mascara from friends and their mommas!...Not really their moms but you get it! I actually bought this when I was probably a junior or sophmore, but I forgot the experience. I do remember that I threw it or gave it away, so I guess I should have known. But being me, I just had to buy it!

This was about $6 something, like always buying it at Target. I heard that this gives you length and a good amount of volume. I did hear that it was clumpy. But I didn't know if clumpy as in the little balls, or clumpy as in it clumps your lashes together. 

Let me start off with the great things about this mascara. I had heard that the brush "hurts your lashes" similar to the "They're Real" mascara by Benefit (which I disliked) but it didn't hurt. The wand is a bit thick but not so bad. I like that it does give the right amount of volume and length. I've mentioned before that I don't like volume, so this gives the right amount! It also stays in its place throughout the day! 

Now the cons. Which I think it's just one and it's the fact that it clumps so much! Doesn't clump your lashes together, but has the little clump balls. It's pretty annoying because as soon as I applied it the first time, right away I had a few clumps! I went in with another coat and I guess it got worse because there were more clumps. I tried using another mascara to remove them but that didn't help. I've heard, and done it before, that when your mascara is dry or clumpy, put the tube in a cup of hot water for a few minutes and it helps to not be too dry. But I guess that's just how the mascara is. It didn't help. I tried it the second day but then gave up on it because it's very clumpy. It flaked a tiny bit, but if that were the only problem I would have kept using it. 

Out of 5 stars I'll probably give it a 1. It's such a great mascara, it's the clumps that make it a bad one, at least in my case. It has good potential with everything else. Would I buy it again? No I'd rather buy something at Subway with those $6. Would I recommend it? Nope. If it wasn't because of that con, this mascara would be my "holy grail"!

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