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Manhandled | 72

(photo taken: January 22, 2015)

According to Instagram, this photo was uploaded 26 weeks ago. If you follow me you know I went on a bit of a rant explaining how tired I am of being called names, being told disgusting things on the street. In my neighborhood! I won't go into detail because it explains it all in the caption along with the fact that I'm not someone who dresses in revealing, provocative, short or tight clothes. I always compare myself to a 12 year old because I have no sense of fashion and never know what I'm wearing. Even though that's what it's going to sound like, I don't wish this on any female...or male. I always see chicks wearing the tiniest clothes ever! That's when I understand why men will be pigs, you're only covering inches of your body that's it. But like I said, I don't wish this even on the girls who dress like that.

This happened today, well January 22nd. I was walking home and I was "man handled", if we can use that term because that's the first word that came to mind when I made the call. I was in the "Westlake" "MacArthur Park" area waiting to cross the street when I feel someone grab and squeeze my left butt cheek. I immediately turn to my right to see two Mexican men standing there. I quickly look from the corner of my eye and see the guy. He keeps walking as if nothing happened and I run up to him screaming "What the f*ck are you doing!?" and punch him in his shoulder. This happened so quick, I didn't get to see his face but I saw him move his hand and I immediately thought he'd take out a weapon or he'd slap me across the face. Fearing it would escalate to something I immediately backed away and called 911! This sounds like it took a while, but I'm just elaborating, it all happened in about 15 seconds. 

DISCLAIMER: His appearance...white male, completely bald, short maybe 5'4 5'5, not fat or skinny I'm guessing "average", he looked like he could be in his late 20's early 30's, big black backpack like a hiking/camping one, jeans, that's all I can 100% remember. He might have been wearing a red/orangeish flannel and a white shirt underneath but I can't say I'm 100% sure. I wasn't able to see his face so I can't say he had tattoos, a scar, anything to stand out. Last I saw he was walking on Westlake between 7th walking towards 8th street. 

How I regret not instantly taking a picture of him! At the moment I just wanted to make the report and find a cop nearby. But you know what filled me up with anger the most? The fact that this was in broad daylight! This happened shortly before 1PM, there were cars passing by, people walking, and NO ONE stepped up. No one asked if I was okay or needed help, no one stepped up to say they witnessed what happened and could report it too. No one did anything! The two "men" that were standing next to me, you know what they did? They kept walking! When I punched the guy there was a woman walking with a stroller and all I saw were her eyes on me as if I was the crazy one for hitting him. Broad daylight, so many people around but it was like if I was alone! I didn't need someone to jump in there and twist his neck and drag him face down, not necessary. I just needed someone to ask me if I was okay and if I needed help! 

DISCLAIMER: If you ever witness something happening, please DO NOT stay quiet and walk away! Your presence is so valuable during these times and even if you're in a hurry, jot down your information and offer to make a report as a witness. If you have time, offer help or assistance, DO SOMETHING don't just stand there. If you're the victim of something do as much as you can to take action! Some people immediately jump into action, for others they stay frozen in shock, but try to get as many details as you can and REPORT the incident ASAP!

By this time I was on the phone making the report, still shaking I decided to stay for a while with a security guy. He asked me for details and gave me some tips and let me stay there for a while before I left. I appreciate the fact that almost immediately there was a helicopter surrounding the area, but they didn't find him. As soon as I got home, I got a call saying the police were on their way to my house for investigation. I made another written report and we went around the area where the incident took place trying to get access to the security footage. An apartment complex, a buffet, a shop, a restaurant, and lastly the police station. We weren't able to find him. The only camera that was in the corner of where this happened wasn't working because they're in "the process of getting new surveillance equipment so they're down." That was the conclusion. Well, not entirely. I was given a card and they said they'll look into it and try to dig deeper. 

Throughout these three hours, almost 4, I was crying here and there. Not only had it escalated from hearing disturbing comments to actual abuse/harassment, but the fact that no one stepped up. That's what got me so angry, what happened to Latinos standing together? What happened to "El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido"? I always thought this question to myself, do I feel safe in this neighborhood? And I'd go around it, saying there's certain things but yes somewhat. Now I have a concrete answer. No. I don't feel safe here. I've had other experiences such as being slapped, being pushed, and being talked to and followed a bit before but I never really reported it. This was something TOTALLY different! I'm 19, but age doesn't really matter. If this were to happen to someone older, younger, even males, this isn't right and it's definitely something to report and investigate and try to incarcerate the person! It also didn't help the fact that later on a 6th grade girl was harassed nearby and shirt was almost ripped! It didn't seem to be the same person, but I was still contacted for more information. We can't let these people roam the streets, we can't let them "slide" because they are "mentally ill". If they're mentally ill TAKE THEM TO A HOSPITAL! I don't feel safe here and at the moment I just wanted to yell! Walking home I distanced myself from any guy I saw walking past me. 

I think that's all I have to say. And yes in cases like these we do focus on females and younger girls, but this can happen to anyone! Young, adults, elders, male, female, anyone! I can't stress it enough when I say that if you see something please report it! You may think it's not a big deal or that your voice doesn't matter, but you have no idea how much of a help you truly are! And if you're a victim of this, all I can say is I'm truly sorry and I hope these mentally ill perverted people are taken off the streets! Thank you so much for reading this. I know it's long and I know I always thank the readers for taking their time to read my blogs. But this one is extremely special and serves as a warning so please share this with others. Even if you're a guy reading this, (heaven forbid) this can happen to you too or to your mum, your sister, your girlfriend, someone close to you. So stay aware!   

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