Thursday, October 22, 2015

Boba Bear | 27

(photo taken: January 4, 2015)

DISCLAIMER: Let me start by saying this was my first time being at a place like this, wasn't really my option, wasn't really something I'd go for.

Okay, well this day was pretty eventful. During the day my parents and I went to San Fernando to visit family, and once I got home best friend Paola decides to pick me up for a late night adventure! I was down because I missed (still miss) her and anytime I'm with her it's a great time, stupid "jokes", and lots of laughs! She hadn't told me where we were going, so it was a surprise. She also didn't tell me we were picking up other people on the way there. So what I thought was going to be a girl's night just the two of us, turned upside down. 

They decided on going to Boba Bear, I heard boba in the name so I thought it would be a place like Boba Time. Umm, not necessarily! We got there and it was pretty packed so we had to wait a while. During that time she went to go pick up her friend. I felt a bit uncomfortable, I mean I know the guy from middle school, he was my chambelan for my 15s, but I don't know I felt kind of weird. They called us in and around that time she came back with her friend. They all knew each other, I knew the other kid but never talked to him at all. So me being socially awkward and already feeling weird, I wasn't enjoying it. Plus the room we were led to felt super stuffy and it was hot in there! 

I'm not sure what I ordered, but it must have been a regular drink because I don't like boba, it's pretty disgusting! The first time I tried it I kept spitting them out. We waited for a while, them three were talking and laughing and I was there awkwardly, not much of a great experience! They brought the hookah thing, and everyone took turns. They kept telling me to take some but I was already feeling bad, and I felt if I took some it would be the same effect as smoking and I'm not those type of people so I wasn't really feeling it. After a while of them insisting I took a very small "inhale" I guess, but I didn't really taste the flavor. 

Throughout the entire night I felt pretty awkward and a bit anxious, so although I tried playing it off, I wasn't really enjoying it and I felt bad. I really just wanted to go home. I decided to go to the restroom and I probably should have known better. That restroom was super dirty and smelled really bad! So I couldn't even stay in there to kill time. They were finally starting to suggest leaving, but at some point they said we should stay and order another one. I was just crossing my fingers we'd leave, and we did! 

I don't know, I guess everything was wrong timing. I feel if I go now, maybe it'll be different. Or at least if I go with people I actually know and can talk to, or with Milton. Still, I wouldn't be smoking or doing much of it just because I don't feel comfortable with it. I'm not saying I'm a saint or anything, but I'm not into that type of stuff no matter how many times people say it's harmless. I'll do it if I want to, and even then I won't do it so much. I'll just order something to drink or some food! 

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