Saturday, October 3, 2015

New Year | 09

(photo taken: January 1, 2014, minutes into the new year)

I think it'll be interesting to see other people's point of view and to see if I'm not the only one. But for me, every time we're waiting and counting down to the new year, I feel as if the world is gonna end. Or like there's going to be an earthquake, I don't know just some drastic change. And it's a little fear inside. I'm counting down being like 95% excited, but that 5% is expecting something bad to happen. And as soon as the new year enters I feel my heart skip a beat, my stomach dropping or doing flips, and I stay frozen for a sec then come back to life. Like does anyone else feel like this? Or is it just me being me. New year, new me! lol It sounds pretty cheesy but those last few minutes before the new year enters, I have a mini slideshow in my mind. Of things that happened that year and things I'm looking forward to in the new year. I don't know if any one else does those "superstition" things (not sure what it's called). But like, as soon as the new year kicks in, walking around with a maleta, meaning you're going to travel that year. Carrying lentejas in your pockets so that you'll always have money. Wearing green underwear for money, red underwear for love, etc. Eating the 12 grapes, wishing something for each month. Anyone else do that? It's fun and cute too, never lose your traditions! I've only spent New Year's outside of L.A twice! Years ago when we went to Las Vegas, and 2008 turning to 2009 in TJ. Picture above, we've spent the last 2 new year's in Grand Park. It's pretty cool and all, I just don't understand why there are no fireworks??? They have them for 4th of July but not New Years, instead they just show things on the City Hall building. But besides that it's pretty great!

(photo taken: January 1, 2014)

Speaking of traditions, it's become a tradition of my family and I to go to this wishing well place the day or the day after New Year's. Since we collect all our loose change, we all end up having 365 pennies for each of us. There's pots for different things: money, wisdom, romance, travel, etc. We also like to go to Chinatown for their Chinese New Year. But for that day, we mostly just go here, we might stop by for some coffee or some groceries/snacks along the way, and head home for dinner or something. But this is a MUST for the first of January! I've been talking about holidays for the past few posts, so tomorrow I'll go back to regular topics! Btw, 3 months minus 2 days for 2016, and I'm not excited this time! Why? I'll probably share that a different time, I might have shared that in a previous post...but for now, let's leave it at that! 

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