Sunday, October 4, 2015

Book Haven | 10

(photo taken: April 5, 2014)

Decided B&W would look good for this picture since I haven't had a picture like that yet, and cause it gives it a classy look, I feel. I think it's become more "trendy" or more people are starting to read more and visit libraries and bookstores. I don't know if it is a trend or hipster thing, I don't know but I'm seeing it more than before. But me, I'm never trying to fit in. So since the longessst I've been in love with Barnes and Noble. I don't really remember my first time there, all I know is that I was really into Borders. There was one at the Macy's Plaza years ago, and I would always be there. I bought so many books, some that I didn't end up reading. I actually spent more time reading books there than at my house. Till I found out that store would no longer be there, I settled for visits at the library. I believe it was until my cousin gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble, that it was my first time there. It was also my first time at The Grove, since that was the closest Barnes and Noble. As soon as I stepped in, I felt I was in heaven. It had different floors, everything so organized and neat, sooo many books, everything was perfect! And ever since then I love going there, even if I don't buy something, but I always leave with at least a magazine or coffee! And everyone in the family knows that if they're having trouble finding a present for me, they can never go wrong with a gift card from B&N! The only ones I've been to is the one at The Grove and the one at Americana, which is where this photo was taken. And the reason I absolutely love this one more than the other one is because of the view! My friend and I went there one night and we decided to check out the balcony and it just felt right. I enjoyed sitting there, looking at the view of everything, all the stores, the people, the lights, the fountain. Also the fact that there's an In-N-Out nearby, cause I mean come out, it's In-N-Out! Although I feel writing has taken over my passion for reading, since I haven't read a book in a looong time, reading was my first passion. I loved picking up a book, starting the first chapter and along the way feeling I was involved in the story and that I was one of the characters as well. Don't even get me started with those cliff hangers! I had to put the book down so I could sleep or go to class, but I kept making up scenarios in my head of what could happen next. Like a little TV series, but in book format. And I'm sure I'd still be as passionate, I just really need to get into it, and find a good book! I remember when the Kindle first came out, I really wanted one! I would see people reading book using their tablet or whatever. But nahhh, there's only so much I want to do with technology. I feel it's ruined/changed so many things. And if I'm going to read something, I want to physically hold the book and flip the pages and put a bookmark or something. Not touch the button to flip the page and turn the button on and off. Hopefully I do get back to reading though, especially if I start school soon. I've wanted to read books as a way to also expand my vocabulary because I want to engage in a "sophisticated" conversation with long words. Alligator. Hypothesis. Photosynthesis. 

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