Sunday, October 11, 2015

Norwood | 17

(photo taken: October 22, 2015)

Last year I decided to volunteer at the elementary school I went to, and it was probably the best decision I made! I ended up helping out with a teacher that everyone in my family had, except for me. So it felt great, being back in that school, helping out with kinder, and being with that teacher! 

The months I was there was great, despite the fact that there would be a whole week I wouldn't go *disappointing* I think the thing that made it more wonderful was the fact that it was kinder! Those kids were some smart little munchkins! They were my kids, especially 2 of them! I began in September and I left in April for stupid Subway. But the teacher and the lady in the office kept telling me I was always welcomed back. 

I guess you can say I had my favorites, because some were so obnoxious, but in the end they all made me smile. I would do learning activities with them, and towards the end I went with them to field trips which were really fun! I was scared, having to be responsible for my own group. I thought I'd lose the kids, or my mind. I would go to recess with them and to lunch, the cutest moments would be when they colored some pages and gave them to me, I still have them. 

I was so excited for Halloween! I made little candy bags for boys and girls, and I ended up leaving that day with so many candy that they gave me. They all looked sooo adorable, I was happy to be a part of the Halloween parade! Most of the girls were dressed as Anna and Elsa (one 'n' or two?), and the boys were dressed as superheroes. My kid looked adorable because he has a Charlie Brown face and was dressed as Batman. Since the chest part is always so inflated, he just looked adorable! 

I was sad when Christmas break came. I didn't think I'd actually miss the little kiddos! I wore my Santa hat and we all just watched movies that day. During lunch I ended up taking selfies with them. My favorite thing was hearing them sing Christmas songs, and what I learned from them was what Mele Kalikimaka meant. I was having so much trouble trying to pronounce it that I was impressed when they were able to sing it correctly. Catchy song, I ended up singing it all throughout December! Coming back from Christmas break I was so happy! 

Valentine's Day was another great thing. I took cupcakes and before I left all the kids came to me giving me Valentine cards and candy! Those moments definitely melted my heart. Like when I came back in January and everyone would scream my name and come hugging me! Or when I'd miss a few days and when I'd finally come back they'd ask me why I left and that they missed me. Lies or not, that made me feel warm!  

I was happy I finally got a job, but I was sad because I was leaving the school. I didn't tell the teacher until it was a few minutes before lunch. And before they all lined up he told them that it was my last day. Even the teacher was upset but happy for me. They all came to give me a big hug and all at the same time said "THANK YOU MS.ZULEMA" witht heir little high pitched voices, my heart was melting!!! I took them to their playground and they all said bye and hugged me and I was about to break down. I made it back to the classroom and said I would try to come back whenever I could. Milton went to pick me up and when he hugged me...I began to cry! Yesss it hit me hard because I was attached to the kids, even though I wasn't there full time but I was going to miss them. No other thing than working with those little kids that brought a smile to me, aside from when they would try to act up! We were leaving and I saw them by the gate and they all came running as well. They also knew Milton because he came along with us to the zoo! 

I went back on the last day of school and in less than 2 months that I wasn't there, I felt they all grew up. One of my kids' teeth had fallen out, one of the girls' hair had grown so long and beautiful, they were all soon going to be 1st graders! Emotions, feels, all over the place again! Which is why I wonder why I haven't gone back! The motivation for me to start school is that me being enrolled in school will give me an opportunity of working as a TA there. I miss the little kids, I miss the activities, the holidays, the drawings, they're so adorable and so smart they shocked me sometimes! I remember on the days we'd have subs, they all asked if I was a paid worker. When they found out it was because I liked it and I was volunteering, they seemed shocked. Well yeah, you don't really see something like that now a days, a 19 year old giving up their free time to be with kids. It's just something I love, and I feel the time I was there made me love it even more! 

Let me tell you one thing. I think that one of the greatest things in life, at least for me, is being  called "teacher". They all had trouble pronouncing my name at first, like always. I was first called Ms.Zulema and I got warmed up with that. But the day I got called "Teacher Zulema", my life was made! It was such a great feeling to be called that, I felt like an actual teacher and I felt honored they called me teacher! I guess because it's my "career goal" and because kids, at least that age, look up to their teachers as like heroes or role models. Many great things happened, and many things made my heart feel warm, but that was probably one of the first things! I hope to be back soon and get to know the new kindergartners, and hopefully see some of my kids around the school as now first graders!

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