Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chicks Coming To My Balcony | 33

(photos taken: July 22, 2014)

I was going to name this blog "Chick-Fil-A" but no I thought that was too much lol I don't want people thinking we ate them or something! So instead of "bringing the boys to the yard", chicks coming to my balcony! Yes, I'm original and punny! 

I think this was the first and by far the only time that the eggs actually hatched! For some time we had pigeons coming to our balcony and we thought they laid eggs but I guess not. I don't know why the chose our balcony, but this was the second time they decided to make a nest in our balcony. Every morning I would hear they're pigeon noises but I got used to it. After some days, my mum noticed they had laid eggs. 

This was one of the most beautiful moments I've experienced with animals! I don't know how to tell pigeon gender, but I'll say it was the mom that was always there, and the dad would come every once in a while but would also stay there with the mom and the egg. We had spotted one, but there was actually two of them! It melted my heart, so beautiful how the mother was always there warming up her eggs, and any noise she'd here from us when we'd get close, she would immediately turn her head and looked you dead in the eye! Of course I never threatened her or got too close because I respected them, but I was there to see what was happening! Because we had our mop and broom there, the movement would scare away momma pigeon. She'd fly to the wire cable thing, but she would never take her eyes off of her babies or us. This is when I realized that when people insult others by saying, "pareces animal", it is an animals! Because they are so protective over their territory, food, and family! Especially their little ones, so don't get near or don't attempt to do something unless you wanna die! Short and simple. It's basically an "over my dead body" type of situation! 

I really wanted to watch the chicks hatch, watch them emerge from the eggs. But I didn't get to. I would check up on them throughout the day and I would try to listen carefully trying to hear little chirps, but it never happened. Then one morning I looked through the window and I saw there was momma pigeon...with the little yellow chick!!! It was sooo adorable! Only one was born, the other one probably took a day or two, not sure. But I guess it happened throughout the night because the previous day the egg was still there. The other pigeon, pigeon pops, would come and nest up with momma pigeon and the little creatures. Next thing we knew the other one was born and now they were a cute little family! Like I previously said, it was beautiful seeing the role of a mom, but not a human mom. There's so many "parents" who abandon their children or aren't attentive, and here in my balcony were two pigeons that anytime they'd hear movement or see us, they would quickly step up and give you the death stare! So caring and beautiful! 

They grew up pretty quick, their adorable yellow color didn't last long because they started gaining their grayish color and began to grow from a little fur ball into ducks kind of. As you can tell from the picture, although they are alone and momma pigeon had her back to them, she still stared right into my soul. I felt bad, so I was never too near for a long time because I didn't want to scare her away! I never saw them eating or anything, but I would hear them chirp in the mornings! Both parent pigeons starting leaving the nest little by little, but they would come back. 

Then the little duck looking creatures gained their actual look and weren't as cute anymore, I'm sorry. It melted my heart seeing the four of them walking around the balcony. And both parents were teaching them how to fly! I was trying hard not to scream because the cuteness was killing me! They first started on the balcony, slowly flying off of it but soon coming back down. After they got the hang of it they would fly to the wire cable and back to the balcony, one flying away the other flying towards them, and coming back. The next challenge was flying from our building to the other. The parents were so attentive and whenever I'd be close to the balcony they would turn to look at me and stop their training. 

For a couple days I wouldn't see the parents come by which made me sad. But when they'd come back, they continued with flying lessons. The next morning when I woke up and checked on them, they weren't there. They came back for a while but kept coming and going. That lasted for about 2 or 3 days. After that the nest was empty and I didn't see them come by. Another 2 or 3 days went by and I saw probably momma pigeon come. I would think it was her because she'd check the nest and wait a bit before leaving and would keep coming and checking. After that they were gone and didn't come back, so we had to throw away the nest and clean up the spot because of the poop and what not. 

I probably sounded like a crazy person making up this story saying momma pigeon, pigeon pops, and what not. But in my head, that's what it seemed like! And it was so beautiful witnessing how a pigeon cares for her kids. They never came back, but I was glad I got to "experience" that. Everything from momma pigeon (there I go again) testing our balcony, the eggs laying, them hatching, the "evolution", flying lessons, and...LEAVING THE NEST! 

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