Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Egg Sluttt | 19

(photos taken: November 2, 2014)

I'm not sure if there's other EggSlut locations, but this one is located in the Grand Central Market (you're welcome). Well first off, I want want to say that I love that little mercadito! It's so cute and the fruit stands I feel really give it that Mexican feeling, along with the candy and seeds and peanuts stands! But I feel lately there's been other businesses opening up and it's just taking away the Mexican feeling. Like yes it's still there, and I don't want to sound racist or anything, but there's more white people with their vegan or their organic stuff. I feel those things at el mercadito don't really go together. All Mexican food is delicious and yes unhealthy, but that's how it is. So this is one of those places that I was mad about. Everyone deserves a chance to open up their own place, but I feel it's not the same anymore.

My best friend Laura (heeeyyy gurrrl), was the one who took me here for my first and only time because I haven't gone back! Not that it's gross or I didn't like it, but I ALWAYS eat tacos de carnitas when I come here, and it's always from the same spot! But anywho, we always have trouble deciding where to go, she had come back home for a few days and I was lucky to have seen her during that time! She told me of this place, I hadn't tried it so we decided, why not!

Let me tell you, and Milton out of everyone should know this because we're always eating: I don't really like trying new things...especially when it comes to food! Just recently having a sensitive stomach, I don't like taking the risk and not knowing how my body will react! So I was a little scared about trying it. When we saw the menu and I immediately laughed because "SLUT" was on the menu...yes I'm a child. We ended up getting the Bacon, Egg & Cheese...

Ohh yusssss, I'm getting hungry just looking at the picture! It's "hardwood smoked bacon, over medium egg, cheddar cheese, and chipotle ketchup in a warm brioche bun" *courtesy of* Like I said, I'm not into new food, everything sounded good except for the medium egg. Like no, I like my eggs scrambled! But I didn't wanna seem too picky so I just went for it, and ohh lawd! It was sooo amazinnng! *thank you Laura* My mouth is watery at this moment no joke! The bacon is just really delicious and crispy, when you bite it you can feel the egg explode and then you have the cheese, and you have the CHIPOTLE KETCHUP! I thought it sounded weird but it tasted so good! However, I got it on the side instead of having it inside *I always get dressings on the side because I don't want it all over my food if it's not good!* But ohh gosh, this was such a great meal! We ate there at the little booth which I was happy about it because I love booths!

For dessert we tried some ice cream that I believe their first store was opened in Santa Barbara, so that's what it's called. I don't know the story, but it was also really good! I chose strawberries with something else, not sure...

I guess it was strawberries and cookies and cream? Really good although a bit pricey for the amount they give you. But seriously, thank you Laura for introducing me to the (Egg) Slut! *no slut shaming* If you guys haven't tried it, definitely worth going for it! I don't think you guys would be disappointed. I mean, the girl who's pretty picky and has a sensitive stomach enjoyed it and survived! So that should be a good thing!  

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