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UCLA | 24

(photo taken: July 15, 2013)

If I'm not "college bound", I'm at least proud to say I was working at UCLA during the summer of 2013. That amazing and unforgettable experience/opportunity I owe it to Ms.Jones, my English teacher junior year. The one who I didn't like in the beginning of the year, but towards the end I understood her point of view and valued her and liked her teaching! Before the school year ended, she had informed us about a job website that we can sign up to and hopefully get called for a summer job. I immediately went to it, signed up and everything. I totally forgot about it until I received a phone call while I was watching a soccer game in m pjs, and eating cereal at noon...

I was so confused, I didn't know who was calling me or what it was for until like two or three minutes into it I remembered what it was. So I had to change quickly to go pick up some documents I had to sign since they were closing soon, or at least the one in charge was leaving soon. I got there right on time and was given everything I needed to go forward with the job. There were two locations, one being downtown, and the other being in UCLA. I was unsure which one to take. I wanted downtown because it was about 10 minutes away, it's in the neighborhood and I don't have to struggle with traffic. But since it was a SUMMER job I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone. I wanted to explore outside of my neighborhood, I wanted to go somewhere new, and UCLA seemed like the place to be! After gathering all the information I needed, I went for an orientation and that's when I was told that I'd be able to work in UCLA...boy was I excited!

It was going to be something new, a summer job, I'd get to meet people, I'd get to wander around and say I work at UCLA! I was pretty nervous my first day, my breakfast was making me feel sick. Since my mum's job is about 10 minutes away from the school, she'd drop me off in the mornings. I was nervous, but I was also excited to meet new people. No one knew who I was, so I didn't have the "reputation" as the shy girl. I was able to be myself and make friends based on me, not mutual friends or anything. I remember getting lost and having to ask a few students for directions. Once inside there we had activities to get to know one another, orientation, and then finally splitting into different groups. We were given a tour of the school before taking us to different buildings and choosing where we'd want to work! 

(photos taken: July 12, 2013)

As we were getting split up, I heard someone scream my name. I turned around and I realized it's my best friend from middle school, Laura! *if you keep up, she's been mentioned in some blogs before* I ran to her and hugged her, I was stoked that I was going to be working with my best friend during the summer! If we weren't in the same place, we'd still be on campus! From that moment, I knew it was DEFINITELY going to be a memorable summer! My group was then taken to the medical buildings. Pediatric Endocrinology, it took me forever to master the name! There were three of us left, I didn't really want to be in the hospital so I decided to go into the office. I was picked up by my supervisor, and the first thing I noticed, her eyelashes! They were so big and long and curly, and yes they were real, no extensions or false lashes! *jealous* I left my group to officially start my first day in the office, how legit does that sound! Didn't take long for me to learn that she was super nice, friendly, and very talkative and funny! We got to the office which was pretty small, one of the problems we had while working there. I met the other lady in charge. She was nice as well but more reserved and always into her computer. Also met the doctor which we never really talked because one, he was the doctor, and two he was rarely in, or when he was he would be locked in his room. But still, great guy! I was shown around a bit, and then taken into the lab where the real work began! 

By lab I mean it was like those chemistry classrooms, kind of. There was so much space and it was pretty cold in there. I immediately began looking through files. Throughout the two months there, filing was life! We dealt with so many charts, throwing some out, making copies, scanning them, faxing over to the hospital, organizing, that type of stuff! I was getting started when I hear my supervisor introducing herself, my coworker was here! I turned and saw the cutest little gal, well little in size because she was three or four years older than me. She was small, blonde hair, pixie haircut, really nice makeup, and dressed well! She was also super nice and was the one with who I mostly opened up to and was more myself! We began working and while working we were talking and getting to know each other. About an hour later our supervisor invited us to coffee and a tour around the building, by the end of the summer I was still lost in that building! It was fun adventures getting lost there though! We took a tour of the building and went across the street to the hospital, we met different people, everything was exciting. We got back to the office to meet three other coworkers. They were students there while me and the other girl (Irene) were there only for the summer. Turns out Irene and the other girl (Jocelyn) have been friends for a long time! Jocelyn was also pretty small, but so adorable and so helpful and kind! Then there were two guys, Justin and Daniel. They were both great but one was more outgoing and talkative than the other one. All in all they were great people and I was so excited for that summer!

(photos taken: July 19, 2013)

We worked pretty hard the entire summer, but we also got to know each other and have a great time. Work didn't seem like work, and that was the best thing! I was still somewhat shy around the other three workers, but I was good with Irene. We'd have lunch together, we'd talk about school, our plans for the future, our lives, she'd tell me stories about her partying moments, while I'd tell her about my awkward crushes and high school. She'd give me advice, especially since it was the summer before my senior year! We actually became good friends, and I'd like to get in contact with her again. At the end of the day, Laura and I would go home together. I'd catch the bus two stops before her and I'd call her when I'd get near so she would get on the right bus. We'd talk about our day at work, snacked here and there, we'd get off and have to catch the train, sometimes go to In-N-Out, and have so many laugh attacks! So as you can tell, work and the entire day was just really fun! I enjoyed my time there. The supervisor was so cool, we got to know her more personally. She'd give us great advice, she was just the best and I wish to one day visit her! We were able to go for coffee breaks whenever, and it wasn't really stressful! *this was the beginning of my coffee addiction* I got to know the people who worked in the building, and I felt so professional walking in there with the doctors and nurses and what not! We only went to the hospital maybe twice, and it was pretty depressing seeing the sick kids there. Every week we'd have workshops so those were the days I wouldn't take my lunch and we'd eat at the bomb shelter! 

I was so sad when I saw the weeks go by and seeing the day marked on the calendar for our last day! Ohh, the shopping center was right across the street as well, so we'd sometimes go there during lunch or after work! Well the day came, our last day! I took little gifts for the supervisors and coworkers. As soon as I got there Irene was already eating breakfast. Our supervisor had a table decorated with pink all over, and she had bought us breakfast, dude that was the cutest gesture! That day we didn't really work, we had a reunion/party for all the interns and our supervisors! It was pretty sad. Supervisors were able to say some words about the workers, ours didn't because she got there late lol Our supervisor gave us a little goody bag, with a card, a Target gift card, and some candy! The card was signed by the two supervisors, and the four coworkers. C'mon, I had the best little family there! We exchanged numbers, and everyone had written nice heartwarming things! I'll never forget what Irene said, to enjoy my senior year to the fullest, make the boys fall for me *lol*, but most of all be my unique self because I had a shining deep and touching! The little ceremony concluded and it was time to say goodbye. I teared up a bit, my supervisor cried, so many emotions! 

But what filled that empty feeling was the checks we finally got! Ayeee lol Plus a certificate saying we completed out internship! I didn't want to leave campus. I mean yes I can go anytime, but it's not the same. I was sad leaving because it had been such an amazing experience! I met some great people, I got to feel so professional always trying to dress well, I had made good relationships with people, and now everything ended. With one week off before senior year began! Since I was working and had my own money, my childhood friend Astrid and I would have "late night adventures". Something that was new to me. We'd go to Citywalk, the theaters, downtown, just have those great "girl summer nights"! That summer I also got braces, which wasn't a horrible thing. I don't know why movies portray it as something horrible, I was GLAD my teeth were under construction! Summer 2013 was a great and unforgettable one! I wish to one day get in contact with them again and visit, maybe the ones working there already graduated! Everything would be different, but interesting to see where we're all at!

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