Sunday, October 11, 2015

Uforia | 16

(photos taken: August 16, 2014)

Uforia is a music festival that had been running for 3 years, and I was so excited for this year's festival but I never heard anything about it, so I guess they stopped? I had heard about it before but I never really had anyone to go with. I mean there was my mum but she didn't want to take me because she thought I'd complain because of all the people and the standing and the heat. Well it wasn't until last year, and a bit last minute, that I finally got to go. I thought I was going to miss out until a best friend, Laura, said she was able to get tickets and that's when I rushed to get them. I was mostly excited to go see El Dasa perform because, he was and still is bae! 

That day my mum dropped us off by Exposition Park, which is where it was held, and we made a stop to Starbucks. I really didn't want to buy anything to drink because I didn't want to leave in the middle of a performance to pee. Heading to the event we were lost because we weren't sure where to enter or where exactly it was. We finally got around to the entrance and I was stoked! Despite the fact that it was getting a little warm, I was still excited because this was about a week before my best friend would leave to Berkeley (yes, my best friend goes to Berkeley, represent!) so it would be a great way to end the summer I guess and have a great time before she'd leave!

One of the opening singers was Luis Coronel. I personally don't like him, but he seemed so cute in person I was dying to catch one of the roses he was throwing to the audience. Did I get one? Nah, but I did get pictures! I have no idea why I deleted the performances instead of saving them on my computer! Well after him I remember we went back to the main stage since we already knew the schedule of the performances. We saw Becky G, Sage the Gemini, and a few others before making the complete transition! So after an artist finished, Dasa was supposed to perform and we, I, made sure I got as close as I could for his performance. But for some reason, I guess it took them long to load the previous artists' equipment, it was taking longer than expected. I kept telling her they better not switch the stage or else I'll be upset! And a few minutes, not too long after, we hear Mentirosa playing and girls screaming at the other stage. OHH HELL NOOO!!! I immediately grabbed her hand and told her we'd have to run to get a good spot! Of course because of the confusion everyone was running toward the stage. I went through people, I even stepped on some lady's toe, but we were able to get a good spot! Once I saw we couldn't move any forward, I was settled and I was enjoying his performance! I felt guilty for recording parts of it instead of putting away the phone and truly enjoying it. But at least now I can look back on it! He did get close at some point that I wasn't singing along anymore, I kept screaming his name, jumping, and waving my arms trying to get his attention. So darn cute! I enjoyed that set to the FULLEST and once it finished I was both sad but I was HAPPY! He was the main reason for me being there so I was settt! 

After El Dasa performed I remember J Balvin also performed a few songs! I was into him as well but not as much as El Dasa! I also enjoyed his performance, I think it would have been better if his performance was at night because of the effects! I remember hearing some obnoxious teenage boy say, "what is he going to sing? He only has two songs" Like shut up annoying turd, he has more songs, and even if he only had two songs, they were hits and he's making more money than you sooo! After J Balvin all I remember was Camila and of course La Arrolladora! When La Arrolladora came on stage I was sooo happy because I had been wanting to see them perform since my mum and I are always singing their songs, and I was finally here with my best friend! I remember her being overwhelmed as well because she had always wanted to see them. (Dammit I missed my deadline) It was great singing along to their love songs and especially because it was night time already so it wasn't as hot!

 After they performed I knew every Mexican family or parents would leave because after was Ludacris and just non Mexican Spanish artists. We did the same, well we were trying to look for food since all day I think we only had a gatorade and some water. I hadn't realized how tired and sore my feet were, I was wearing sandals. So we rested a minute sitting on the grass, we found some taco truck and decided to buy some and ate on the sidewalk (original). Afterwards we got some free Dr.Pepper and decided to go back towards the stage to see what was happening. We stayed a bit because there were so many throwback songs from our middle school dances! We stayed, danced, sang along, and we ended up leaving a bit early just because I wasn't sure I wanted to stay for the rest of the performance. It also started smelling like marijuana, like really? You guys made us throw away our sealed water bottles but the smell of marijuana is okay??? 

All in all that was an unforgettable music festival! It was so worth it, and it wasn't even expensive! The aftermath was worth it because my feet were tired the next morning and my throat hurt, but I had a great time! And a special thanks to Laura for that great last summer memory before she headed to Berkeley! 


  1. So I have to say that this was such a great blog to wake up to! I love how you're very descriptive and you reminded me of one of the best days of my life, Uforia Music Festival! I honestly feel like those were the best $30 I ever invested. La Arrolladora being the my favorite performance of them all! Thank you so much for that amazing day and for all the memories! Just a couple days ago I found one of the videos I had on my phone from La Arrolladora and it reminded me of how I was singing out loud, screaming, crying, and sweating because the lady in front of me was so close to me and her hair was going all over my face lol. But after all it didn't matter that night was the best (:

    Thank you for being such a best friend! We need to talk soon because I need to keep you updated with my entire life and I need to hear from you too! Love you <3

    1. First off, "this was such a great blog to wake up to!" THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!!! It really made my day, well my night, knowing someone reads this, especially wakes up to this!
      But also thank you for that great summer memory! I was really looking forward to it this summer again and hoping we could go, like a little tradition, but I guess it didn't happen!
      Omg I forgot about the lady's hair, that was hilarious!!
      Of courseee we need to keep up! Till then, take care, make good choices *mom voice*, love you!