Thursday, October 8, 2015

Prom | 13

(prom: May 16, 2014
photo taken: October 18, 2015)

I still have my corsage and the pin thing that Milton wore for prom. It's so ugly but something about it makes it look beautiful, maybe it's the memories. In the end, my corsage fell off because the strap ripped, and we weren't able to get it on Milton, FAIL! 

DISCLAIMER: Yes I have actual pictures from prom, but the purpose of this blog is to not show faces. Just want to keep it that way, I know people know who I am or they can see who I am through social media, but through here I don't want to reveal faces.

Well I remember the day of prom us seniors were expected to be in school, we would face "serious consequences" if we didn't show up. We were allowed to leave by 3rd period, which the office was packed with students calling our parents to give permission for us to leave. I really don't know why they needed their permission, IT WAS THE DAY OF PROM!!! I left immediately, no time to hang out, I was supposed to grab the corsage and pin on my way home but they messed up the order and they wouldn't have it till later in the day, 4pm to be exact! I was walking home on the phone and I fell! I don't think I've told anyone, but it was sooo embarrassing! I don't know how it happened, I guess I missed the little bump and I fell to the ground, kind of scraped my knee. I immediately got up and kept walking. That was the first time I fell like that and I felt humiliated because I was alone! My mum kept telling me to take a nap so I would be good for the night, but I don't like taking naps. Instead I got home, ate, rested a bit, and then showered. I headed to the salon around...I'm actually not sure. But before I left I laid everything out: shoes, purse, backup flats, dress of course, and other things to finish getting ready. I got to the salon and the lady was dying someone's hair. Like c'mon I'm important, at least for that moment, I made an appointment for a reason! So I had to wait there, mad. When it was my turn I told her what I wanted. I showed her several pictures. I had asked for LOOSE CURLS and like a braid thing across behind my head, can't explain but here...

Something like that. I asked if she would be able to do it, if not I had some other ideas in mind, she said she knew what to do. LIES!!! She gave me like Shirley Temple curls with the dumbest hair part and held up in a weird way. She used hairspray to keep away the baby hairs, it looked like a cow licked my head. I WAS ANGRY! To make it worse, the makeup was bad! I wanted a really nice pinkish natural thing. She gave me ugly chola eyebrows. I dreamed of my eyelashes looking DREAMY that night (since eyelashes matter the most to me), she gave me some cheap ugly mascara that left my eyelashes faaar from dreamy! She used a weird color for my lips. I WAS NOT HAPPY!!! I honestly don't know why we paid her! The night I was supposed to look AND feel BEAUTIFUL, I felt like a complete mess! Plus we were running late already. So I got home, I tried fixing my eyebrows a bit, changed my lipstick, and tried fixing my eyelashes but they were dry already. I quickly changed into my dress, stepped into my heels and got my things, Milton was already waiting for me. My family and I quickly took some pictures, but we didn't get to take them all or the classic ones with Milton and I *sad face* It's okay cause we got a cute polaroid of us. I was pretty mad already I felt bad for not acknowledging how good he looked. Plus it was hot, trust me this was already disappointing. We were already at the gas station when we realized, Milton forgot his ticket! Lol he thought we'd be able to enter just like that so we had to go through even MORE horrible traffic since his dad or brother couldn't bring it to us. So after all that we finally got on the freeway and we were off! We got to the "venue", and I started getting excited. I tried pinning the flower onto his suit in the parking but it failed. I honestly didn't think it would be hard! We found friends and took pictures outside before going in. I had my favorite eyeliner in my bag, so when we got checked they told me I had to toss it because that wasn't allowed inside. Okay whatever I wanted the night to begin! We enter...IT LOOKED SMALL AND LOOKED LIKE A FREAKING QUINCEANERA VENUE! I was instantly mad. Like I expected something so cute and princessy and dreamy, a big venue, some fancy chandelier light, beautiful setups. But yet again, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM SANTEE??? The food was literally a pechuga de pollo, not even warm that thing was cold and dry along with like mashed potatoes or I don't know. I only tried it once and never touched my food. PISSED. This wasn't what I had imagined since HSM3! 

We all started taking pictures which took foreverm trying to get the perfect shot, with 5 different phones! I come back to find some chick trying to pin the flower thing on MY boyfriend. I don't know who reads this but I honestly don't care, why the hell is some other female touching my man? Like last time I checked I was his prom date, wtf you doing putting it on for him? "She's a friend" well IDGAF! I later found out that she was a friend and was part of their group or whatever, I still didn't care. This night was turning horrible, I felt like crying. Dancing started and I'm like okay this is where things will turn around! It was fun and all till they started playing like ghetto music. I get it you know, a DJ needs to have different genres, people wanna get "turnt", girls wanna get "ratchet", whatever, but where's my Mexican music? Where's the merengue, where's the banda, the punta at least? I was feeling my dress, my dress was the only thing making me feel like a princess, and a princess does not get freaky on the dance floor! Although people claim I did but that was like 10 seconds and it wasn't what you imagine! I went to sit because I was really disappointed, people don't get it. I wanted to leave and go to the beach or something. The biggest highlight was the slow dance. MY LORD THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! You know the cheesyness in movies where you don't see anyone else but the person you're dancing with and you feel the butterflies and all that? I felt that. Those like 2 maybe 3 slow songs was what made my night! It felt so lovely, everything else, all the worries and everything that went wrong didn't matter there. I was with my high school sweetheart, dancing, slowly, and for me it was just us two, none of the 95% irrelevant people from high school. That's also the first time I told him I loved him *cheesy asf I know*. 

The night completely turned around after that. In the end we were told to go home. The security or whoever they were, were so rude. Like you work for the DoubleTree, not the president, calm the heck down! We headed to NORMS after that which was also another highlight of the night! It was really good and a great way to "end the night". We went back to Milton's house for a while with his brother and his girlfriend. Once I got home and in bed my mum turns to me and says "So early? I thought you'd get home later" OMG! I was home around 3, 3:30 I believe. I had been telling her I wouldn't come home till like sunrise and she kept telling me to be home before that. But I guess she was joking or she just wanted me to enjoy the night. I wanted to call him back to pick me up and go somewhere but it was too late. 

I'm realizing how depressing and awful this sounds! But it's true! If it wasn't for those slow songs, I would have been even more upset! I realized too late that it's true prom is like a relationship. Both putting in 50%. Prom is one thing. but you need to put your enthusiasm and make it really a night to remember! It probably wasn't so horrible if I didn't have HSM expectations. Yes I enjoyed Gradnite more than prom! But in the end they're still memories. I appreciate Milton trying everything he could to make my night fun and memorable! 

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