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(photo taken: May 7, 2014)

It had been my DREAAAM (high school dream) to be asked to prom in a cute way ever since I saw High School Musical 3 and Troy and Gabriela had that waltz dance at the school's rooftop/garden. Besides that being my favorite movie, I was like yup, I want something like that to happen to me when it's my turn to go to prom. I was sooo sure that wasn't going to happen because hashtag single life. But then Milton came along! I knew we were going to prom together, duh. But I didn't imagine he'd make this whole thing for me in front of the school! Yes with less than a month of going out, this moment confirmed I was in love with this boy! I always blog between 11-12 (before the day ends) but I'm just excited for this post today so let's start from the beginning!

I thought it was cute but dumb when a guy would do something like this for this girlfriend. Like of course she's gonna say yes, you guys are dating! I also thought giving flowers to a girl was stupid because in the end they die. But these thoughts changed as soon as they happened to me!

So the day before this my boyfriend made sure I was going to school the next day (since I would either get to school by 3rd period, or once in a while not go to school). I didn't know why he was so persistent but okay. I didn't think about it because we agreed, obviously, we'd go to prom together since I was the "bae". This day (promposal day), I went to the restroom (as usual) during 3rd period. Ohh btw he had come dressed up in a button up shirt and dressed pants because he had a "presentation for AVID". So when I went to the restroom I saw him running out the building and heading towards the cafeteria. Once again, didn't think anything was going on, he asked me what I was doing outside of class and I just told him to get to class. Whatever, so I went back to class everything normal. A little before the bell rang for class my best friend (acquaintance) Jennifer texted me asking if I could accompany her to the girl's P.E locker rooms to get something. As soon as the bell rang she was standing outside my class and we walked to the locker room. I saw that there were people at the quad and there were trashcans and that yellow tape, I just thought we had those guests that encourage us to be college bound and try to bond with us, so I didn't really pay attention. We made our way to the locker rooms, it was closed. (Btw this was all part of the plan, to get me away from the quad so they can finish setting up.) We waited a bit and she said we should just go back and come back later. Making our way back she said, "I heard someone's gonna get asked to prom but since things aren't ready yet they took the girl to walk around school while the guy gets prepared." I just laughed and said, "They should take that *itch to do bleachers so she can get an ass for prom!" Obviously me not knowing what's happening. We started making our way to the quad, I felt people turning to look at me, but I always feel people are looking at me. I then ran to go hug Rudy and she handed me flowers, STILL I didn't know what was happening!

I did find it weird, but I played it off and asked if she was going to ask me to prom. We both laughed and she turned me around and led me to the quad. At this moment I saw everyone move, making space for me to walk. OHH NO I FINALLY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! They open up so I can get through, Rudy and Jennifer still behind me, and once I get there I see Milton standing there smiling! Rudy takes off the yellow tape so I can get through and I look up to see a big poster saying, "I know this is cheesy" and down below a bunch of kids holding a looong poster thing saying "but would you be my date to..." and him holding this... 

Yes ladies and gents, that's a heart shaped pizza (': Ohh btw, in the background "our song" Me Interesas by Noel Torres was playing! So I get to him and then he asks me to prom, I immediately shake my head no...but laugh it off and say yesss! And then the hug and kiss and cheering and of course pictures! But I was so shocked, so impressed, so happy and feeling lucky that something like THIS happened to me! My high school dream, at least one of them at least the one that counted, came true! That some guy went through so much trouble, ordering pizza, trying to cut it into a perfect heart, getting help to make the posters, rushing last minute to get flowers and the speakers for music! I felt incredibly happy and so lucky! The downside was that we only had one slice of pizza...to ourselves. Everyone came rushing asking for some since they helped out. We decided, more like he decided, to leave school during lunch! This was my first time ditching like that but hey, I felt spontaneous! We left school and went to Yogurtland, carrying the pizza box and flowers! Walking there people honked at us and people asked what had happened, I felt like if we had gotten married! lol After Yogurtland we realized we had to go back to school. I had to go for AP English test prep and he had to go for a volleyball meeting.

So after Yogurtland we decided to get chicken nuggets from McDonalds, we walked to his house, rested a bit, and then headed back to school, which kind of sucked! But the whole day I had a smile on my face and I felt sooo happy on the inside! After we both got out, we hung out a bit before leaving again. I decided I wanted to keep the poster, which Rudy made, and to this day I still have the poster, the "PROM" part of the pizza box, and a rose from my bouquet of flowers! I got home and everyone saw me carrying so much stuff. I told my mom and she was amazed and found it such a cute gesture. Then I told the rest of the family and they also thought it was really cute, my dad was excited to meet him! 

And that ladies and gents was the story of how I got asked to prom! I had to cut some things out because I didn't want to make it too long, don't know how that worked out. But as I was typing this, I felt like I went back to that day and had the same feelings, along with a big smile on my face! I feel so grateful and lucky that this happened, along with many things we've been through *getting too cheesy* but that was like the beginning. And yes we hadn't even been dating a month yet, but this promposal made me fall in love with him! Every time I listen to that song it takes me back to that Wednesday! Btw, what did we do for our "one month anniversary"? We went to PROM! Prom landed the day we made one month which was another thing I found cute! And before I go off telling other stories, I'll just stop here! 

P.S. A huge thank you to everyone who were involved and helped make this happen! And of course props and bigger thanks to Milton for making my little high school dream come true! I love you! *sorry for the cheesyness* 

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