Monday, October 5, 2015

Ciclavia 2014 | 11

(photo taken: April 6, 2014)

Honestly, I don't know why I haven't gone here at night! The first time I ever saw them was in the movie "Friends With Benefits" when the guy takes the girl out on a date for Valentine's Day but since she hates all that romantic committed stuff, she pushed and punches the guy when he tells her he loves her, I think that's what happens. And I'm pretty sure the 2 people who will read this have seen the movie, therefore I should stop!

But anywho, the first and only time I have gone here was Ciclavia 2014! It was a short route but oh lord was it tiring because of the hills! Also because I'm not conditioned for long scooter rides, but whatever I made it! And as soon as we finished the route I was so amazed! I took some pictures but you know, that was before I knew how to take "more decent" ones, so this is the one I got. And I was proud because it was empty for that millisecond! 

I've been wanting to go to the museum and of course take pictures here but at night! But ever since The Broad opened, that's what's my main focus right now. I don't want to rush it though, I'll let the whole fuss about it calm down first. Hmm, I was sure I had a good story for this post but I guess not...

I guess I'll explain what Ciclavia is. For you Angelinos who haven't heard of it, it happens...a few times every year. They either close down the streets or you have people leading the traffic, from point A to your destination. And it's pretty cool, take your bike, skateboard, roller skates, scooter, walking, running, anything as long as there's no cars! The first one I attended was in 2013 and it was to Venice Beach. OHH LORD!!!...I was already writing about that experience but I deleted it and thought I should save it for another post. *waste of time* So this was the second time I had gone, with same best friend and her little brother. Halfway there her scooter messed up and we were thinking of walking the rest of the way, but luckily they have repair tents and we were back on! I was surprisingly exhausted, but the ride back was easier because it was downhill! We stopped by to take pictures, walk around, cool off, and we even visited a different museum. Funny thing, well it's not actually funny but still, after the ride and once I got home I decided to take selfies to post them on Facebook bragging about the event. The same picture and same braces I had that day, is the picture my boyfriend fell in love with! And 10 days after that photo was uploaded, we started going out...feel free to "lol" since I did say it was funny! 

I've clearly gone a little off topic, and I even deleted some stuff. I just don't want to give so much away when it could be another post to blog about! But for tonight that's it! I've seen the views have gone down but you know what, it's cool. You one, two, maybe 4 viewers are the real MVPS! 

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