Friday, October 23, 2015

Shopping | 29

(photo taken: January 13, 2015)

Shopping. Something I feel everyone loves, not just girls. I used to think only girls had obsessions with buying clothes and shoes, no there's some guys that are the same or more into shopping. I have been a Target fan for a long time, not just now that everyone seems to like it. I remember going to Target at Culver City and buy all my clothes there. The best part? While either my dad or mum were in line to pay, I'd go with the other one to the food court to buy popcorn or ICEE! Gosh I remember and miss those days so much! I guess I just got used to City Target downtown that I forgot actual Targets have a little food court inside, and then evolved and built a Starbucks there as well. 

I was never "petite" or "small". I was a big baby, and all through my childhood, and even teen years, I was big. I was never too fat but I did have a tummy and round face lol So looking for clothes that fit me would be difficult. I remember when I was size 14/16, and then at some point that wouldn't fit either so I had to go into like the teen clothes. And when I barely hit my teen years, there would be times that clothes wouldn't hide my stomach so I'd have to get women clothes, but then they were too grown up for me, to revealing, so it was a struggle! I'm just now looking somewhat normal lol

So as you can see shopping had always been a struggle for me. And I remember being in the fitting rooms and crying because the biggest size the store would carry wouldn't fit me. My mum would always say it was because I would eat too much and my stomach was big, so I would cry even more! I guess as I started growing my body changed. I hate when people ask me if I work out or what do I do because I seem to "look skinny". Like okaaay, make me laugh I hate working out and I hate eating healthy! But you know, there's a time when you say to yourself, "if I'm able to change the way I look, why not do it instead of complaining about it?" Well at least that's what I told myself! I wish I was those type of people who enjoy working out and are all about fitness! In the end you should exercise and eat well for your health, looking good should just be the bonus! 

So I was getting a bit sidetracked there. I used to buy my clothes at Target, Ross, Kmart, Sears, rarely Walmart. So I didn't start going to stores like Forever 21 and H&M until I was probably in 8th grade, maybe even 9th. I thought the stores were expensive and it was too mature for me, until I actually stepped into one. The first Forever 21 I went to was the one in Beverly Center! My current favorite stores are of course Target, H&M a bit, Forever 21 sometimes, and I actually liked that one store Wet Seal, they closed down in Beverly Center. Ohh and Love Culture was my place for a while as well. I like Ross, I don't know why people complain about it. I just recently (yesterday) went to Burlington, the new one in DTLA, and I don't know I prefer Ross. I also went to TJ Maxx and I didn't like the store either. I have yet to visit Marshalls, I don't remember if I did visit, but from those type of stores I remain faithful to Ross, I guess I'm just used to it.

I don't have the same gut I used to have when I was a kid, or even a few years ago. But shopping is still a struggle to me. I don't know under what category I fall under. I used to dress girly when I was younger, but now I don't know. I guess I fall under the "I'm feeling comfortable" category. I don't like wearing clothes that are too tight, that's gross. I feel it's important for women to feel confident about their body and feel beautiful and sexy with what they wear, but c'mon now some of you just expose the meat and the rolls! I don't like anything revealing. First off, I have nothing to show. Second, I'm not those girls that dress like whores to get (wrong) attention. I don't like flashy clothes like for example neon colors, crazy patterns, etc. That's ratchet for me. I like to wear jeans, I like to wear comfortable shoes (preferably sandals in the summer), and a simple but nice shirt. I don't remember when was the last time I wore a skirt, I would always wear them when I was a kid! And dresses, I have a few but they're nothing revealing or tight or anything. Plus I don't feel as comfortable wearing dresses. I HATE how everything has become CROPPED. Do people forget that not everyone is skinny and some of us don't want our stomach to show? I see a pattern or a shirt/sweater I like, I take it off the rail, and it looks like a baby shirt. I especially don't understand cropped sweaters. It's a sweater for a REASON!!! You're cold so you put a sweater to cover up, not to show your stomach and continue to be cold! I just don't like the "latest fashion". Some things are nice, boho and tribal patterns or whatever, but some clothes just look too ridiculous! My favorites are stripes, floral, and a certain type of pattern that looks like it's crayon...I don't know. 

And then I feel lately things are becoming expensive. Either that or I'm becoming cheap/broke. It's funny because I can relate that saying, "I'll easily spend $20 on food but I'll think twice about spending it on a shirt". And it's true! Probably because I like eating and eating is a "necessity", that when I come across a $20 probably even $15 I debate whether I really need it, if it's really worth it, and if I'll actually wear it. 

So although lately I've been saying I want to go shopping, I know deep down I will end up buying nothing. I also like browsing a lot. Even if I know I won't buy anything, I like looking through clothes. I'm not much of a shoes person because I don't wear heels, and I usually just buy shoes on my birthday and Christmas. Usually when I go shopping, I end up buying food, coffee, or something to snack on rather than buying clothes. For instance the last time I went shopping with my mum, she ended up buying 2 shirts, and I left the mall with a coloring book. Yes, child at heart! 

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