Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lotto Lotto | 23

(photo taken: December 27, 2014)

My family has gotten me hooked on buying lotto tickets, scratchers, whatever you wish to call them! I remember when I was about to turn 18, I was really looking forward to buying lottery tickets on my own! But for some reason, I didn't buy them until 10 months later. 

This day we had gone to the movies, (referring to Milton and I). I believe we watched Top Five and that movie was pretty lame! We were debating if we should leave because it wasn't interesting. We ended up staying for the whole thing and the end was pretty sweet! So we headed to Starbucks after the movie and that's where we saw a Lotto tent in front of Starbz (yes, I say Starbz). It was my goal that before the year ended I had to buy a lotto ticket myself! So with four days to spare, we decided to buy one. But that's when we noticed they had a promo. If you purchase $20 of tickets, you get a chance to spin the wheel and win $1 tickets with four or five tickets being the minimum! We decided, why not, let's go crazy! But we ended up splitting it half and half. It ended up being pretty great, me winning $27 by the end of the night! I felt lucky and pretty happy! 

Since we enjoyed it and we thought it was a good deal, we asked when they would be back. That's when they told us they'd be there almost every weekend. And that's the beginning of everything! We started going every weekend, buying tickets, winning, loosing, being angry, being excited, ending up with little dirt on our jeans. I usually split half with my mum, I rarely buy the whole $20 because you know, hashtag broke life! Milton would go crazy! I remember one time he bought a $20 ticket and he won so he kept going back to buy more and more. He reminds me of my dad, my dad gets too excited when it comes to lotto scratchers and the casino! Yes there's been times where I don't win anything, but hey at least I only spent $10! 

(photo taken: March 16, 2015)

After a while the lotto people stopped coming so we calmed down on the "addiction". But you can imagine our excitement when we were walking around Little Tokyo and came across this little market with a wall FULL of winning tickets! One entire wall, completely filled with different types of scratchers, and different prizes ranging from the minimum about $30 up to $500 maybe even more! And this has become one of our favorite spots to just chill. It's a mini mart and they sell pretty much everything there! So we buy a box of mochi for ourselves, buy a ticket and then sit at the tables and just enjoy some free time! 

Buttt, now they're back! So you know we're gonna be saving at least $20 for the weekends to come! And if you wanna check it out too, go online and look for the schedule. It takes place at L.A Live, and all I know is that they'll be there every weekend until December, so far. So go online to: and why not go for it! So far I've been having good luck, but it doesn't always stay like that...and I think I just jinxed it! But it's a great time, especially since it gets dark soon. We really enjoy it this time of the year because by the time we go, it's dark, we buy our tickets, we get coffee, and just chill there! If you do go, take your I.D just in case (18+) and also, remember to play responsibly! 

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