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Senior Luau | 30

(Senior Luau: September 4, 2013)

If I have the wrong date, let me know! So I've been seeing that tonight is/was Santee's homecoming. But my homecoming sucked so I'd rather talk about the Senior Luau in which I had so much fun! 

I guess I'll give a little summary of our homecoming dance. First off, our class was broke, apparently we hadn't raised enough money so we didn't have a lot of options. Our homecoming dance was held on the second floor balcony space. I actually didn't mind the location despite all the students complaining. I liked it because for one, it would be outside and you wouldn't have to deal with leaving the room for a while to cool off or anything. Second, I really liked how it was decorated! The theme was really used, A Night In Paris, with the most crappiest drawn Eiffel Tower! But I didn't have a problem with the location. What I didn't like was the DJ. It kept mixing up the songs, as soon as a good song would play he would change it to another one. It sucked. The girls and I decided to leave early and go get something to eat. What I find funny is that where we were standing, Milton was also there talking to Rudy (btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY RURUKINS!), but I was chismiando with Jennifer so I never noticed him. We didn't see each other and we were a couple steps away from each other! But homecoming sucked, not the best homecoming to end high school. And what made me angrier was that Jennifer and I had planned to go see Two Door Cinema Club, but we decided to go to homecoming instead since it was going to be our last homecoming dance. If I knew it was going to be lame, NO DOUBT we would have gone to the concert! 

Okay, Luau time! The senior Luau is the first event us seniors have. It's like the beginning of everything! Yes we still went to school that day, so I made sure to curl my hair since the morning, just so that after school I can just touch up and not waste too much time getting ready! After school we headed to a friend's house to get ready. I must admit I loved that because it was us girls, talking, listening to music, helping each other get ready, typical pre-school dance session! It's a good thing I had planned ahead because everyone was waiting on the hair curler, I believe there were two of them, but still they have a lot of hair unlike me. So it was getting late, I really didn't add any makeup because I don't wear makeup. Back then I just wore eyeliner and mascara. I just wanted to touch up my hair but there wasn't much time left and everyone was using it. In the end I just retouched a few curls and we headed to school.

Of course getting there we all had to take pictures! Not only were we looking BUMB (yes bumb instead of bomb), but it was a memory. Like I said previously, it was the first of many senior events, at least that's what we thought! *we lacked in senior activities/events...ohh and school spirit* After everyone got pictures on their phones and everyone was finished complimenting each other *lies* we headed to the P.E gates to make line. We were able to get out senior shirts as well that day, senior shirts also sucked a bit, I wanted our class to have a quote but no. I think they had like carne azada for the food which I laughed because it wasn't even good! But like all school dances, I never went for the food I went to dance and have fun! 

After a while the sun starting going down and they put up some neon lights and setting up the light ball from the DJ. We all eventually made it to the "dance floor" (our luau was held at the blacktop) and started having fun! I wasn't sure if I'd get into the pool because I hadn't brought extra clothes. I thought I'd just chill by the pool for a minute, but no there was no time for that! That night I mostly spent it with Kimmy (ayeee girl)! We were dancing, laughing, judging, just having a great time! I remember we had said we were going to "turn up" and be "ratchet" for the night...I'm ashamed I ever used those words! But thank you Kimmy for that fun night!

I guess the excitement was over the top because this was the start! This was the start of our senior year, we were finally on our last year, we thought we were going to have a lot of fun events, this luau just set the mood for how our senior year was going to be like. I didn't get into the pool because I didn't leave the "dance floor". There was a pinata involved at some point, I was just really hyped! And naturally hyped, I wasn't drunk or anything, just for the record! Towards the end once they were putting away the tables and chairs, they had announced that they found a small brown bag, if it was anyone's to go claim it. I had forgot I left it on the table and since no one was there anymore I guess they were nice enough to say something about it. 

I just had so much fun! I wish I had the same kind of fun at prom (btw if you haven't read that post yet you should go check it out). Once again this is where expectations come in. I didn't know what to expect for the luau, I didn't know what it would be like. For prom I had high expectations...But anyway, once it was over we decided to take a picture and I ended up comparing that one to the ones before it started. Our hair was a mess, I was super oily because I was sweating, hot mess...or just a mess! The next day I woke up sore from my feet, so that should say something! Senior Luau was one of the best nights and best events! Don't even get me started with our "Senior Picnic"!...

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