Friday, October 9, 2015

Gradnite | 14

(photo taken: May 31, 2014)

Gradnite was one of the best days/nights of my lifeee! I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed prom, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

DISCLAIMER: Don't have high expectations cause you will be let down! I had high expectations for prom night. As for gradnite, I knew I was going to enjoy it but it wasn't the same hype as prom. 

Read the post below to see all the different emotions I went through the day of prom! Anywho, I was excited to go to Disneyland, since the last time I went was after camping (Troy Camp) in 2007. I was originally going to spend the day with the girls, but that didn't turn out as planned, I'm sure they didn't have as much fun without me lol. I didn't know what to wear, but I knew I had to wear my Minnie ears (basic white girl Disneyland attire). We all met up at school and it took forever to get everyone's tickets and what not. We started loading on the bus (sad I don't really recall much of what happened before gradnite), and took some pictures for the memories and "para el face". We finally got there, didn't seem so long, and I was getting excited as if it was my first time ever being there. Milton and I stayed behind to use the restroom so we ended up spending the entire day and night together! 

I remember it being sooo packed, and I also remember seeing familiar middle school faces. I felt awkward, as usual, so I didn't say hi to anyone. They probably didn't see me or didn't are since they didn't say anything either. The lines were so long, but it didn't feel like a long time waiting in line! We were given a front of the line pass for Space Mountain I believe. But I don't like rides like that so we ended up leaving them. But ohh lord the popcorn there is sooo amazing!...wait I think this was when we went again for Christmas *going off track again* I remember eating some nasty pizza at a pizza parlor, tasted just like the school pizza, what a waste! We later met up with Milton's group of friends in which I wasn't too happy because you know, I suck at socializing. 

I'm starting to realizing I'm mixing the memories with Gradnite and the time we went for Christmas so this sucks...I don't know if I'm the only one, but I don't like the It's A Small World "ride". I always found the dolls creepy. After that we went into Toon Town and got on a few rides. It started getting darker and they were soon going to close so we decided to walk around. We had a little dilemma, nothing that couldn't be fixed. I don't know if I should even be sharing this but ohh whale EVERYONE GOES THROUGH STUFF! At the moment we were solving things out, the fireworks began. And you know, being gradnite and being at the happiest place in the world, it seemed MAGICAL! But apparently we weren't in the right section and we were being told to keep walking and keep the path clear. I was so amazed at the fireworks, and that's when I captured this amazing picture...

Trust me when I say, that was the most decent picture I was able to get! After the fireworks we decided to head over to California Adventure! Little did I know, the real fun was about to happen! Not that I wasn't having fun at the other park, but I had never been to California Adventure so it was going to be something new for me! I do regret one thing. And that's missing the "world of color" water show thing. You can always see the fireworks any other time, but at the end of the water light show it said "CLASS OF 2014", I had to see it through social media. That's my only regret of the night but ohh well! Ohh also not buying that graduation cap with the ears saying 2014! Anywho, we were walking around and Milton kept trying to convince me to get on the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride. I kept saying no, no way was I gonna get on it! After a while I decided, why not. I was led on by lies, something I won't ever forget! He had told me the highest it would be was 2 maybe 3 floors! I thought, hey not so bad I'll survive, plus I thought for some reason it would only drop once. I was so anxious the whole time we were in line and I was close to leaving. So we enter...

We sat down and I didn't know what to expect. They had the little screen showing what had happened. And as soon as it began going up, I counted the floors. 1,2,3...4,5...what was going on??? I immediately panicked and kept slapping and gripping his arm telling him this was MORE than 2 stories! It was too late, the lightning hit and BOOM it dropped! I still get the same feeling every time I remember it! I thought it was over, but nope it kept going up and dropping. It felt so horrible, I felt like I couldn't get air and I felt something horrible in my stomach and all I could do was grip hard and yell, not cause I was enjoying it I WAS HATING IT! And at some point this guy decides to tell me "let go of the bar and put your hands up" he put my hands up and NO LIE, I felt myself lift up from the seat! Of course I wasn't gonna fly off, but the feeling was horrible and I looked at him enjoying it and laughing! At the end it took us all the way up to open the windows and reveal a really pretty view. I was so into it and that was the last heavy drop! We got off and he was laughing, I was shaking and my eyes were teary! It was a rush, I hated it, but some part of me kind of liked that rush. SOME part like 5% of it, would I get on it again? Probably not! 

After this we decided to relax on the sidewalk, well I had to relax cause I was still shaky *yes I'm a weenie*. Afterwards we decided to go to the tea party section where a rave was going on, EDC-California Adventure style! I was having the time of my life!!! Yes I was sweaty, it was hot, guys kept getting too close, I elbowed a few girls (not my fault they're short), but I was enjoying every minute of it! 

After a while Milton was tired and suggested we go take a break. I really didn't wanna go but I thought we probably needed it! We went to buy some bomb soft serve ice cream and sat down! It didn't even take 10 minutes sitting down before I starting feeling my body aching, too much fist pumping and jumping! FIST PUMP, PUSH UP, CHAPSTICK! (If you know the reference, ur kool!) By the time we were done with the ice cream I was too tired to get up. We eventually made our way to another dancing spot, mostly hip hop and reggaeton music. I wasn't really feeling it but whatever. We didn't stay for long because the "security/chaperon" people were stupid. Probably TMI but we had kissed on the dance floor, and all of a sudden a lady told us we couldn't be doing that or else we'd have to leave or we'd get kicked out. When there was a girl in front of her going HAM on a guy being a little whore up and down on him. Like they're basically making babies and that's cool, but I can't give my boyfriend a kiss? Whatever that place was too ratchet! We ended the night going to the stores to buy something, we didn't get anything. We left to the buses at I don't know maybe 2ish? And I ended up sleeping on the way to school, I didn't feel when I fell asleep I just know I woke up because we had braked a bit hard and that woke me up. 

Despite the fact that we had sooo much time there, I felt it went by so quick but I enjoyed it so much! It was a great night, sweaty, tired, shaky, but amazed and happy that the night went way more than what I expected! If I could relive that day I definitely would! 

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