Saturday, October 17, 2015

Christmas in Disneyland! | 21

(photos taken: December 13, 2014)

I had always wanted to go to Disneyland during Christmas! One, because it's the happiest place on Earth and two, Christmas is the best time of year so no doubt it would be beautiful! I felt lucky enough to have gone to Disneyland twice last year, gradnite and in December! I remember Milton asking me if I wanted to go to Disneyland for his birthday and I was beyonnnd excited! This kid, makes life fun and is always surprising me! 

I remember we had to leave early and meet up Downtown to catch the 460 there, it was actually pretty fun! It didn't feel like a long time, it did get cold though. Milton went a bit more dressed up with his bowtie, me I just looked like an average girl at Disney. I remember seeing a Disneyland worker get on the bus, I was just thinking maybe that could be Mickey or Goofy and we don't even know we're riding with him! 

I got even more excited because I knew I was going to be adding memories for us, but also adding Christmas trees to my "Christmas tree challenge". Getting off I was getting even more excited! As soon as we walked in we saw Pluto and Chip and Dale and took pictures. Yep, I was definitely feeling it already! Christmas in Disneyland, probably the best thing there! Our first stop was going to Starbucks and my God, they knew adding a Starbucks there would get them even more money! Long lines even though there's many workers. I wanted to get a Mickey cookie...but I didn't. Surprisingly throughout the entire day, even night, I didn't get cold. I was fine with my long sleeve and boots. But as soon as we left the park and were walking towards the parking lot we definitely felt the cold! 

Because I already wrote about Gradnite previously, I feel I'm going to get mixed up as well, so let me think before I start typing and having to erase everything! This was the first time we bought popcorn there because the smell was so scandalous! And yes the popcorn was delicious! Churros were also good, but popcorn takes the lead! We got on rides and we took pictures wherever we'd see characters! I was so upset I couldn't get a picture with Minnie! *heartbreak* But I got as many as I could! We were getting hungry and we decided to leave the park to eat at McDonalds, but before that we saw everyone sitting on the sidewalk. And that's when we heard from other people that the parade would start in about half an hour. We were at a good spot so we decided to stay there and might as well watch it! 

 I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to cry throughout the parade! It was super cute, so Christmasy, so adorbale, and it was my first time being there for this holiday! Everyone was there, so many dance numbers, like HSM in Christmas! And then towards the end of the parade, I saw from a distance reindeer, and I knew what was coming. Big man, Santa Claus was coming to close the parade!!! *crying emojis* And yes just as expected, the tree was first, the reindeer in the back doing their dance thing, and then followed by SANTA CLAUS! And yes, that's the moment in which I felt more emotional! I don't know, I'm a wimp, I've always loved Santa Claus and always got so excited whenever I'd see him! I was able to catch his attention (I think) because he waved at me! Yup, my day was made! 

Ohhhhh, so if you guys remember from my Gradnite post, or if you haven't go check it out, I talked about getting on the Tower of Terror and how terrifying that was! So this time we got on the roller coaster in Toon Town. Yes I know that's not a crazy ride, but I forgot how it felt so I was pretty nervous! The only feeling I got was when it went down and it does the curve, but besides that everything was good! We decided to get on it again, but Milton asked if we could get the front seats and the guy put us there. I was even more nervous now because the front is supposed to be where you feel everything. I started getting a bit anxious, but there was no turning back because we were already being buckled down. It didn't feel horrible, it actually felt a good rush! 

Another good ride was the teacups! I did get pretty dizzy and I felt I was hallucinating at some point, I guess cause of the spinning and all the lights! But I enjoyed it, I think we got in line again! We were looking around in the shops to hopefully buy something. I saw a few things I wanted to get, but I thought it would be too soon, maybe next time! We knew what time the fireworks show began so we thought getting there half an hour before would be good. Ohh hell no, I don't know why I would think like that, because by the time we got there EVERY spot was taken! And it got really annoying because there was this couple saying we got their spot, like no this was a free spot not our fault you're super short, the guy trying to be all tough and the girl "giving attitude". But we ended up finding a good spot and we saw the fireworks! 

The castle looked even more beautiful, of course because it was decorated! Another moment in which I got emotional! That's where I just put my phone away because I wanted to really enjoy the moment and take it all in! It was just really beautiful and I'm so thankful we went during that time! One thing that really annoyed me was that once the fireworks ended, we all had to start moving so the path wouldn't be packed. And of course everyone is trying to take pictures so it takes a bit of time. But this "man" had his child and a baby in a stroller and he started cussing, yelling at people to move and just being rude. We're all trying to move, it's frustrating, but c'mon now. You're at the happiest place on Earth in the most beautiful season, with your kids, and now you're gonna be yelling crap? Someone kick this guy out! We ended up leaving soon because we were getting picked up. But boy did I enjoy it! It was something different, a great adventure, and definitely worth it! It was a great way to kind of spend the holidays, and great memories! 


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