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Christmas in October | 08

(photos taken: December 2013/2014)

Yes, I know it's a bit too soon for Christmas posts. But since I just talked about how in love I am with Halloween AND Christmas, why not? So last year it was my mission to hunt down and take a picture of every Christmas tree I see starting well, Christmas time! Aside from Halloween of course, Christmas makes me feel really happy on the inside and warm! I do wish we could have a traditional Christmas. You know, like no gifts, no running to the stores, no brand new outfits. Just family, cutting down our own tree, ALL of us preparing dinner, have family bonding. It'll definitely be different from the rest Christmases, but I think it'll be nice. As well with doing nice things for others, homeless, elderly, the sick, etc.

After all, Christmas is more of a family, unity, caring, type of holiday. If you're gonna be a douche for the rest of the year, might as well do something nice during the holidays! It also makes me really sad when it comes to those old people who live alone. Or whose kids only come to visit, but not for good intentions. Or those who live in retirement homes. I can't imagine how lonely they feel, and come on I don't think anyone can stand seeing and old person sad or worse crying, that just breaks my heart! That's something I'm counting on to do this year, visiting retirement homes. I went once and I was talking to this cute old man. It's true when they say old people are like children. He seemed so happy and at peace coloring

Winnie the Pooh purple and they honey red. Hey, the man is creative! He asked me if I wanted to see a picture of his kids. He had it hung above his bed and he was with his kids and I guess grandkids. He said he hasn't seen them since his birthday, and he immediately zoned out and stared looking at the picture with a sad look on his face. It broke my heart. How can a person forget about their "viejito/viejita"? Like that's the person who gave you everything growing up! They were there for you throughout your entire life, and now that they're in need of some love and companion you can't return that? Then they show up with their yearly visit, being hypocrites, but even that visit can brighten  

 up the old man's day! His adorable toothless smile from ear to ear! Just typing this is getting me teary eyed, no joke! But anywho, even if a family member isn't placed there, or isn't living alone, I think it's great if people take their time to volunteer and visit the elderly. Trust me, even if you don't know them, a simple visit, a simple talk and a hug, just coloring with them makes such a difference! And your heart will fill up with happiness and warmth. And if you're like me, there's a chance your eyes will fill up with tears as well! Sounds very cliche, but if you have your grandparents with you, or simply your parents, make sure you let them know you love them and appreciate them. Because it's true, that what we take for granted, others are wishing for it!  

 Okay enough sad stories. These pictures are all Christmas trees (obviously) that I found throughout the month of December. You may think it's a lot, but for a person that likes to go out to different places, especially during this time of year, it really isn't a lot! The picture at the very top was taken at The Grove, 2 years ago. I haven't gone back since then...let me rephrase that. I haven't gone back since that Christmas season with the decorations! The 3 pictures following that one were taken at Grand Park, last year. I COMPLETELY fell in love when I saw the tree was pink, heart eyes! The three after those (sorry guys, I hope you're able to identify them), were taken in Santa 

Barbara during our trip out there. The second one from Santa Barbara was taken inside the Chumash casino. I had to be careful taking it because you're not allowed to take pictures, at least from the place I was standing. *rebel* And then the following 5 pictures were taking around downtown, no brainer since I'm always downtown... Locations include, L.A. Live in the middle of the ice rink. The second one was inside Taste, the food court at 7th and Figueroa. The following one was taken at the "rooftop" of the plaza there (Fig@7th). The fourth one was taken at Pershing Square, outside of another skating rink. And btw no, I don't know how to ice skate, complete FAIL! 

And last but not least, the last photo was taken at the Water Court, 2 years ago! Only 2 pictures from 2013, the rest were taken 2014! I'm sooo looking forward to Christmas time, just arranging and looking at the pictures made me excited! But deyum was this complicated to arrange since I'm still not used to it! So I would appreciate it sooo much if you guys would take a second to admire this post! lol Made it with 2 minutes to spare! Goodnight guysss! 

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