Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Post Parade | 26

(photos taken: January 3, 2015)

I'm 19 years old, been living in Los Angeles since forever, and I have never been to the Rose Parade...kind of like when people say "if you live in LA and never been to a Dodgers game, water you doing", something like that. My parents have always gone, for as long as I can remember. I would wake up after New Year partying *I was a party animal since age 5* and they would already be back from the parade. I really wanted to go this year, but they didn't end up going. I know you have to leave super early, and it takes a long time, and what not so I guess that would be the con. Come to think of it now, maybe I'm better off just watching it on tv...

DISCLAIMER: So every since I began blogging, almost one month ago, I tried finding faceless pictures from my other phone. But now it seems I'm done with that and moving forward with pictures from this year! *exciting*

Well let me begin by saying I love Pasadena! Although I've only been there twice, I don't know I like the vibe and I love walking around the neighborhoods because of the beautiful houses! We knew about this "post parade floats show" thing, but we never went to it, until this year! New year, new adventures. I was beyond excited when I found out we were going! Walking there I kept looking at the houses and I probably looked like a creep because I would gaze for so long, good thing I didn't take pictures! As soon as we got there, I had to take off my sweater cause I was feeling the heat, but beautiful day! We walked passed a park which was really nice, I wanted to take pictures there so badly because it looked very tumblr and nature-ish. But I didn't get to. So getting there, there were lots of people! I was really excited to start exploring. The place is hugeee! I guess it's no surprise considering all the floats and plus the food stands, but still I was pretty surprised!

Walking in, one of the first I saw was this hippo which I thought it was a pig at first for some reason. I thought it looked super cute and adorable! I told my mum that was me whenever I laughed and being her, she laughed and said she agreed lol I don't know, maybe because it's pink and those lashes *wurk it* I just really liked this one! 

I had so many different favorite floats, I tried to get as many pictures as I could! I wanted to buy some kettlecorn so bad because that's all you would smell! But I didn't get any because I don't want to hurt my teeth, hashtag braceface probz! Some floats had a really touching and inspiring story behind it. At some point we did a turn and then I saw a looong walkway going uphill and I'm like wow I can't believe how big this place is! It's really beautiful, super colorful, and if you take the time to read the story behind it, you might be shocked or touched by how this person was inspired or the meaning behind a beautiful float. 

I think this float was dedicated to writers who have passed away, I don't remember the entire story, I just know it was touching and I felt the butterflies really added beauty and meaning to it!

I don't think I need to explain, this float just looks straight up cool! Ignore the guy walking by, this was the only picture I was able to get and he decided to stroll by.

Very tropical feeling, luau, vacation, smoothies, and somehow Lilo & Stitch came to mind when seeing this float. Just me?

This was right outside the potties, so my jaw dropped as soon as I came out of there. Really beautiful, very detailed and super colorful!

It was a month away from my birthday, so of course I had to snap a picture! I really wanted to take it home with me, so festive! If anyone ever feels bad about their birthday coming up or "aging", this float gets you excited for your birthday!

Knight in shining armor! *cheesy alert* This reminded me of Milton. My knight didn't come when I wanted to, he came at the most least expected moment...with the least expected knight!

Shall we applaud for this pano? It looks pretty small, but it looked really nice in person *and on desktop* Any guesses to what bridge this is? 

This just had marriage, feels, love, romance, honeymoon, type of crap written ALL over it. But it seemed lovely, can I ride this on my wedding day?...if I ever get married?

Childhood memories in float formation! Anyone remember those little train/wagon things that had animals like this riding it? If you don't remember, you either weren't a cool toddler, or you were born in the era of iphones as toys *smh*

Last but not least, this one was so cool because it has different animal parts all put into one. Like there's the body of a lion, eagle head, looks like bunny ears, I don't know. Pretty crazy, but I liked it! 

Those were my top favorite floats, hope you enjoyed them as well! I don't know if I would want to attend the parade for different reasons. But hey, whether I go or not, I can always come back to the Post Parade! 

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