Thursday, November 5, 2015

19th Birthday | 37

(photos taken: February 2, 2014)

I just realized I'm supposed to be going out and exploring because it's the last year I'm a teenager...

Well, my 19th birthday was pretty successful thanks to Milton and my family! I wanted to have a beach bonfire for my 18th birthday with some close friends, but that never happened. So the next best thing did! Milton took me to the beach for my birthday (': Well along with his brother and his girlfriend, but still. I had to wake up pretty early and get ready. He called me saying they were downstairs. I swear this kid makes me feel like a model or something. As soon as I got out the door he whistled so loud lol He surprised me with this little cake and some flowers! The cake was really good, I'm not a fan of chocolate but I really like chocolate cake! He also smashed my face into it which got on my hair as well! 

We got to the beach and he told me to leave the flowers in the car. Naw homie, they're so precious I don't want them drying, I want to show them off! We got off and we headed to the pier. But not without stopping first to the monkey bars and stuff, watching them fail/succeed. Once we got to the pier we decided to hit the arcade which I was pretty stoked for! We exchanged bills for quarters and headed to the games! I had a pretty great time, it really was something different than what I usually do for my birthday, but a great different! There was some game where you basically had to kill zombies but it scared me because they go all out with sound effects. I don't know it scared me but I enjoyed it! After we got the tickets we went to see what we could get. Milton got pretty mad when we realized they don't accept money to complete for a prize. And the prizes were kind of...pricey. In the end all we got were two little balls with a number 8 on it, cause you know 8A!

I wanted to get on the roller coaster, but naw. We ended up getting into the ocean, yes I had extra clothes I wasn't gonna get in with my dress! After that we rested in the sand a bit trying to dry up. We listened to music for a bit before leaving. I thought we'd stay to watch the sunset, but we left around 2. We got dropped off downtown, and the surprises continued. He took me to Bottega Louie! Entering smelling like the beach and sand in our toes still! It was a great surprise, everything he did for me so now the expectations are high to celebrate his birthday...being broke and all lol

After eating there we went to Coffee Bean so I could get my free drink which in the end I didn't really like. I forgot what I got, but at least I didn't have to pay for it! We headed home (well to my house), to eat! And once home we also cut another cake and stuff! It ended up being a great birthday! So thankful for another year and for everyone who wished me best wishes, and Milton for putting it together! 19, my last year being a teenager, the year before sh*t gets even MORE real. So I need to enjoy the next three months minus three days...crap! Ohh, and we went to the library for some reason, don't remember exactly why. But once there Milton said, "Awww you don't want to see this!" I didn't know what he meant or why he said that until he showed me his phone. William Valdes was at the pier and the same spot I took the picture, that's the picture he uploaded!!! KILL ME! I could have met him for my birthday!!! Ohh, and then El Dasa was around L.A Live as well!!! That would have been the icing on the cake!!! But no worries, cause for my birthday I got tickets to go see El Dasa that same month ;) More about that in another post!

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