Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lakers Games | 47

(photos taken: February 28, 2014)

Although I'm not a die hard fan, I'm actually not much of a fan of any sports teams (I don't know sports) I enjoyed going to these basketball games. 

DISCLAIMER: I think this was the game Kimmy and I went to so if you're reading this, heeeyyy girrrl!

I miss going to the games because it was fun, I loved the energy and best of all I'd have great company! My brother would be given two tickets for certain games and since he's not much about them he'd give them to me to invite someone with me. What I liked about them was that they were super close! We'd usually the in the 4th or 5th row so definitely great seats! I'd always hope I'd see someone famous nearby, but that never happened. At least I don't think so. 

Quick side note: the other day I had a pretty cool Uber driver. He said he's on a mission to travel the U.S. through Uber. He started his trip in New Jersey, where he was living, and started making his way to California. He said he hoped he'd see someone famous in the streets since everyone talks about meeting celebrities, but that it hasn't happened for him. And I agree. 19 years living here and I've never met a famous person just casually walking down the street. Celebrities were you at??? So any who, he has his own blog about the places he's visited. If you'd like to check it out click here, I've only browsed through it but seems interesting. Just helping out a fellow blogger!

Okay back to MY blog. I've only gone to three or four games, no I don't remember against who. The first times it was with Laura (haaaii Laura!) and the last time I went to Kimmy (heeeyyy!). Since I would get them last minute, like no more than an hour before the games, I felt bad I didn't have a chance to invite Jennifer (sorry). I'd quickly call Laura and ask her, crossing fingers, she was free to go to the games and then go to pick her up and off we'd go! I remember, probably the last game, that I think Kimmy and I were supposed to go to the fashion show at school. But for some reason we didn't end up going and I think we were at my house. That's when I got them from my brother so we ended up going, turned out better than any high school fashion show! 

I did feel weird though because the majority of people around us were pretty dressed up as if it were a gala they were attending rather than a basketball game. And also many white people, nothing against it. And then there were us, two Hispanic teenage girls lol I liked the whole grabbing snacks, hitting the restroom in a hurry, getting free "merch", and being entertained throughout the game. Those intense moments and the last few seconds were always the best! 

I wish I had more pictures! But the ones I do have I can't post them up. But I really enjoyed going to them, thanks to my brother! Would I like to go again? Hell yesss! Preferably free front row tickets again! 

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