Saturday, November 7, 2015

Dasa Concert | 39

(photos taken: February 28, 2015)

DISCLAIMER: I apologize for the not so great high quality pictures...

So I mentioned not too long ago that for my birthday this year I was given tickets to go see El Dasa and Paquita in concert at Nokia, or what's now called "Microsoft Theater". Such a horrible name to change to by the way! My mum tried making me think that I missed my chance on going because I never told her the price and she said they were probably sold out. But deep inside I kind of felt that I was getting them because she would mention it a bit too much. But I was still so excited and was jumping around when I saw them in my hand! I had the opportunity to see him at Uforia (make sure you read about that experience here) and I've had other opportunities about three more but I wasn't able to go. 

I thought it was the best concert for both my mum and I! I had my chance to see Dasa and she had her chance to see Paquita. Which I also like her but I mean come on, Dasa!!! *inserts heart eyes* I remember earlier before the concert we were home and we were wondering what he might be doing. Probably going through a rehearsal, maybe warming up, showering, having a little massage. And I check Instagram and the first thing I see is him being at the alleys! I wanted to cry because I had suggested we go to the alleys earlier but we didn't end up going, WE COULD HAVE MET HIM! But ohh whale! 

How do you think I felt when we got there and I realized we were 10 rows away from the stage? 10 ROWS!!!!! Bless my brother! I'm glad it didn't rain on our way there or back. It only rained during that time we were inside so that was a good thing! The band started to play to hype everyone up, and once they announced his name you see him pop out of no where running and already dancing! That's the reason I love him! He's so energetic at his concerts, he's always dancing and has this amazing energy, he's truly a performer! I also love how humble he is and his little Mexican accent is adorable as well! So you know, I stood up, and yelled, and danced, and almost cried! I couldn't believe how close yet so far I was from him!

I've only been to three concerts: first one was Espinoza Paz as a present when I turned 15, Uforia last year, and this concert this year. But I'm not the kind to run up to the front of the stage and try to get a picture. There were enough pinatas at the front anyway. During his performance I never sat down! I don't think one can sit down during a performance like that! I didn't record much on my phone. I wasn't those annoying people who go to concerts to see everything through a screen. I probably only got three clips, I wanted to enjoy the concert to the fullest without worrying if the camera is recording, if my hand isn't on the speaker, if I'm not shaking enough, etc. 

Like I said, I didn't sit down once. I'm "tall" as it is and I was wearing heels that night so I was even more taller. What got on my nerves is that there was a group of old ladies about 2-3 rows behind us. And all of a sudden they began yelling at me to sit down because they couldn't see and saying they also paid to come to the concert. I'd usually be polite and do something but come on, I'm not about to sit down! If I did sit down I wouldn't be able to see either cause there were people standing! Plus they were pretty rude, constantly yelling until I got fed up and I yelled at them to shut up. And no I don't feel bad! After all they did call me giraffe! Well at least I think they did because they yelled, "venimos a ver el concierto no a ver..." and I couldn't hear what they were saying. So naw fam, I'm definitely not sitting down! And they had a mandilon with them and he "complained" to one of the workers that we were standing if they could tell us to sit down. IT'S A FREAKING CONCERT! The worker said she can't do anything for the same reason. So I'm like HA! To make matters funny they tried being "hard" and threw a paper napkin our way, but it backfired and hit the lady beside us. After that they calmed down a bit. Sadly his part was only about an hour long! He entered with "Alegre y Enamorado" and ended by singing a song dedicated to his mother *touching* Even more touching when we saw his teary eyes! I was pretty sad but so glad I was able to enjoy it! 

After he finished we sat down while they were changing things on stage getting everything ready for Paquita to come on! Many people, more like guys, don't like her because she's "fat" and complains about men. Well they don't like her because everything she says in her songs are true and guys don't like to be called out on things so that's why they get mad! But I like her songs and I had told my mum I wanted to attend a concert of hers and Jenni Rivera just because her songs are also fun and I can imagine the concerts she'd put on! But sadly I wasn't able to attend one.

She finally came on stage and I was excited! My mum had gone to several of her concerts before so she hoped I would like it as well. We were standing only for a few minutes in the beginning but the rest we were sitting. Which was a good thing because my feet were tired! I enjoyed her part of the concert but obviously there's a difference. It was great because I was able to sing a long with my mum and laugh at everything she'd say! I noticed she has the mariachi on check, if they fall half a second behind she immediately snaps fingers to have them keep up. That's how it's done! Aside from the difference in music style, she's also not the type to interact with her fans. And I guess the fans know that because no one would stand by the stage, except for this man and she kind of thought about it before she shook his hand. She's not a douche or anything, that's just her way of doing things and that's good because you won't get distracted and you're there to do what you need to do.

I did make me sad when she sang certain songs and you'd see her shed a tear here and there. I saw around me and there were women crying as well and not just singing but feeling the music and the words! There was a mother and a daughter next to us, daughter maybe in early 20's and she looked completely bored! Not just during her part but alo when Dasa was on she was sitting and looked out of it. Why even go there if you're gonna be a pooper? Her part ended and my mum and I both had mixed feelings! I was hoping that her and Dasa would sing together but they didn't, they each did their own thing!

Once outside we realized it had rained because the streets were wet. So I had to be extra careful and hold on to my mum because I didn't want to slip and fall! It was a fun night, fun concert, and great way to spend the last day of February! So thankful to my brother and dad for the tickets, and also that I was able to see bae perform again! Till next time hopefully! 

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