Saturday, November 7, 2015

Valentine's Day | 38

(photos taken: February 14, 2015)

For as long as I can remember I never had a valentine. I mean besides one of my friends so we won't feel "lonely" or we can have something to look forward to. But besides probably 2nd or 3rd grade, and senior year, I never had a guy give me something or be my valentine...and me reciprocating. Until of course this year! 

I was pretty excited because I finally had someone to celebrate the day with, someone that's not my friends or my mom lol Which there's nothing wrong with that btw! I would hate hearing girls complain about how they don't have a valentine/boyfriend. I honestly never cared about that because Valentine's Day isn't just about the love between a man and a woman, or a boy and a girl. Love is universal and there's so many types of love. I only said I never had a valentine because it's true, but I never complained. Yes you always wish your crush would give you something special that day, dreaming of getting a huge teddy bear with chocolates and flowers. But I wasn't the type to be upset and whining, I'd joke about it. Throughout all those single valentine days, I'd give little cards and candy to friends. Once entering high school and seeing the valentine grams, I'd buy them for the closest friends and be their "secret admirer". Just because you never wanna see your best friend down and you wanna see them happy that at least someone got them a card or a little bear! Gosh, I'm such a great friend!

Well jumping to this year, I was excited. I didn't know what to get Milton because I mean it was the first guy I'd celebrate with. And mostly everything you find in stores are for girls. The flowers, the pink monkeys, the cards, I wouldn't picture myself giving that to a guy. I admit it was kind of last minute because I remember trying to do something but it didn't turn out great. But the idea I went with did turn out great! I ended up buying $16 worth of lottery scratchers, because ya know sixteeeeen, and little signs saying...

Well if you can't see it, it says "I won the lottery when I met you"...get it get it!? And then little chocolates on the inside. I thought that was a great gift, until I saw what he had for me and I felt like a complete always! He had asked me to wear a dress since I never wear them, I just don't like how I look in them and I don't have many dresses. I prefer wearing jeans and dressing the look up with heels...that I can't walk in! So I wore a dress and curled my hair and wore the necklace he gave me for Christmas and the *special* rings, went all out! When I got to his house I saw him standing on his porch wearing a suit and with all the presents lined up!!! My heart melted! He looked super handsome with a fresh haircut and the suit made him look extra cute and his smileee! He had that big bear, beautiful flowers, and chocolate for me. And all I had was lottery tickets, I'm great huh! 

We were only at his house for a while because we had to head out. We really had no idea where we were going, but since it was a bit later than expected we didn't have much options. Since we saw the lotto people were going to be at L.A Live (what lotto people you may ask? you gotta read some blogs behind to figure it out!) we decided to head there. It was such a hot day, I was complaining because I had my hair down, but poor Milton was sweating in his suit! No joke, we waited for the dash for about 30-40 minutes! We were finally at L.A Live and there were so many other tents. There was one from McDonalds and they were giving free samples of the McCafe drinks and the lady from the tent asked if she could get a picture of us both because we looked cute together *taaanks* We did look good though, pretty dressed up and stuff. 

After getting our picture taken and looking around, we headed to the Lotto tent. We had bad luck that day! lol After a fail at winning thousands of dollars, we decided to eat at Smashburger (I also made a post about that, make sure to check it out)! Hmm, I don't remember what I ordered, I think I got a chicken burger with avocado...yes because I spotted the avocado just right now! It was super delicious! After we finished eating we went back to the tent to buy more tickets! I don't remember how the second time went, I think we made our money back or at least we didn't lose much money! After hanging out a bit we headed to Milton's house to end the day with a movie! I think we ate a bit more once there, we probably had Winchells or something. I don't quite remember. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day spent with a wonderful boyfriend! *cheesy* I'm glad it was a success despite the heat! Getting home my mum was so excited to hear what we did and how our day went. She's so cute, she always asks how our anniversary dates go and every time I change my lock screen picture (yes it's us two) she wants to see it lol 

Well this Valentine's Day I had double the presents! Since I was volunteering at Norwood I also received lots of candies and cards from my kids! It was so cute seeing them rushing to me giving me a card and a hug! One of my kids gave me a little ring from the cupcakes, cuuuteee! So I guess you can say I got spoiled! 

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