Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Classic Coffee | 59

(photos taken: August 5, 2015)

I was going to use the picture of my cup of coffee, but I don't want to use the same picture again since I already posted it on this post. Before I get started...

DISCLAIMER: Jennifer if you're reading this it's inspired by the little coffee date we had (': 

Okay, so this coffee place is beyond...I don't know the words. Cute? Tumblrish? Pinteresty? It's really nice! We decided to come here since we hadn't seen each other in forever! So after walking around trying to get here, we saw the white building. It doesn't even look like a coffee spot, it looks like an apartment complex or something! We go inside and I'm 100% sure I looked like a rookie. I was gazing at everything and touching everything they had, the workers and people there probably thought "this is exactly why we hate teenagers". But they also couldn't have said that because their place looks super Instagram worthy! 

After all the amazement, we went to make our order. There were a lot of things on the menu, but I had to be careful with what I was getting because I get anxious whenever I have coffee. And I know a lovely place like that doesn't carry "decaf"...not that I asked, I just assumed. I ended up getting a caramel cappuccino or latte, a caramel something! We saw that there was an elevator going to a second floor so I asked if we were able to go upstairs. We waited for our coffee before checking out the second floor. I struggled so bad to walk with the coffee in my hands. I mean yes they give it to you with a small plate and I had napkins, but this was the first time I got that "latte art" so I wanted it to remain beautiful! Plus it was filled up to the top so I walked pretty slow making sure I didn't spill. And to my surprise it didn't! 

We finally got to the second floor and I was amazed, again. If I thought the outside of the building and the first floor looked great, the second floor was kind of breath taking for a coffee place! It was pretty big, and so much sunlight coming in from the windows! It seemed more like the loft of those nice condos downtown! They had the famous little plants arranged on this thing (picture above) which is how Jennifer recognized the place. There was a little corner with some soft chairs and a coffee table. There was a long table behind the beautifully arranged plants. And to the far end there were more of the plants, and just really nice furniture. 

When we walked in we immediately went to this corner (picture below). Tell me that doesn't look fancy for a coffee place! I immediately sat in the egg shape "chair", thinking I was going to break it and fall down. The pillows were really comfy and just being in that spot felt really cozy. I think the natural light made the environment great! Plus, the natural lighting made it great for selfies! We had a little photo shoot taking so many pictures individually and together, no shame! 

Well time for me to talk about the actual coffee. Since I struggled to carry it, I made sure to capture it nicely and drink it slowly. Prices, I mean I can't say it's pricey because most coffee shops are like that now in days. It wasn't so hot, maybe because I spent so much time taking pictures and admiring the place. But since I ordered caramel I expected the caramel flavor, I felt it tasted gross. It didn't taste coffee bitter, it was just bitter. So I drank it not enjoying it. Towards the end, at the bottom of the cup I realized there was so much caramel sauce. Like really? I had some but it just annoyed my taste buds after a while. So I don't know, I probably had to mix it, or drink it while it's hot, or that's just the taste of it, but I didn't really enjoy it. Also, the place was nice and everything, but there was no toilet paper in the restroom! I was forced to use the toilet seat covers, TMI. Do I recommend it? Yes, I'm sure they'll have better coffee or better food! Or just buy something simple to use it as an excuse to go to the second floor and take selfies! Ohh, if you do happen to go, the wifi password is on the receipt! There wasn't great signal and I was struggling when all along the password was at the bottom of the receipt. Yes, I'm a smart bulb! 

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