Monday, November 30, 2015

Tribal Cafe | 62

(photo taken: September 13, 2015)

Tribal Cafe! Ohh God just thinking about this place makes me hungry...although I just ate!

The first time I ever came here was for Halloween 2014. Milton and his cousin's band performed along with other people. I'm not always good with trying new food, especially after 6pm (sensitive stomach)! Although I've only tried two of their sandwiches and coffee, I'm sure everything there is good!

It's located near the corner of Union and Temple. (Actual address: 1651 W. Temple St. 90026) It's a pretty small place but the food is amazing! I like how they're creative with the names of their sandwiches. Once you check out the menu and decided on what you want to eat, you grab a piece of paper and write down your order. The items on the menu is a letter followed by a number, example Q7. You write that down along with anything else you'd like and that's how you order your food. It might take a while, but once you bite into it, it's definitely worth it!

The first time I went there I ordered (G1) Global Warming, a ranch chicken Monterrey. It comes with herb chicken breast, sundried tomato pesto, parmesan cheese, topped with mixed greens, cucumber, tomato and ranch dressing! And let me tell you, these sandwiches are quite a good size! And they're also pretty packed! Being the first time and such a picky eater, it was a great sandwich! The second time I believe I ordered (G7) The Warming Ocean, a turkey avocado sandwich. It comes with pepper turkey, avocado, marinated red onions, balsamic vinaigrette, tribal sauce, swiss, lettuce and tomato (picture above). Also an amazing sandwich! As for the coffee, I can't find the menu, but I once ordered like a vanilla frappucino and I've also tried the iced coffee, both great and didn't give me that jittery anxious feeling! 

They have vegetarian and vegan sandwiches as well, along with paninis, wraps, salads, brunch and breakfast ohh and green juices too! Fun sandwich names include: Got Fossil Fuel, Malibu Mudslide, Obama Te Ama, The Lost Amazon and Heat Wave! Like most posts and reviews, I recommend trying this place out, you can call beforehand to order your food and then pick it up. Click here to head to their website and check out more information! Also a good spot for Open Mic! It's a must to try these sandwiches! 

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