Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jimmy John's | 51

(photos taken: June 25, 2015)

I remember saying Subway sucks for not doing something like this. Then a few months after they had their Buy One Get One Free offer. I bet if I were to still be working there I wouldn't be on the schedule for that day!

So this was a really good day! Jimmy John's was celebrating I don't know how many years that they have been opened. So to celebrate they had a "Customer Appreciation" thing and any 8" sub, originally $5.99, was $2! Coffee Bean was celebrating I think their 100th anniversary? So they had select drinks for $2 as well!

We decided to go to Wilshire/Vermont since Jimmy John's and Coffee Bean are across from each other! (Btw we made a vlog on that too!) It was my first time going to Jimmy John's. I was "faithful" to Subway, but Jimmy John's is pretty good! Their bread is sooo smooth and the turkey is amazing! I ordered #4, the Turkey Tom which is a turkey sandwich (obviously) with lettuce, tomato and mayo, AKA The Original! The line was kind of long but what helped them out was a worker going through the line taking your order and writing it down, that way when you get to the cashier it's much easy and quick...pretty smart! I giggled when paying because I mean who doesn't love cheap stuff? I just find it funny when I have to pay something for waaayyy less than the original price. Yes, I'm odd. So once Milton and I got our sandwich, we decided to get back in line! The second time around I ordered #1 Pepe, applewood smoked ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. I felt like I should have bought a few sandwiches and given them to homeless people...but I never did. 

After we got our second sandwich we went across to Coffee Bean. I believe I got the Malibu Dream drink, once again giggling as I paid $2. We went to the tables outside and ate there. I was surprised how good the sandwich was! Despite the fact that it's pretty simple and not as many vegetable/dressing choices as Subway, it really gives you the taste of the meat which is good! Our meal that would have probably been around $10 ended up being $4! Well $6 but I ended up giving the other sandwich to my mum since she wasn't able to go. Now I'm kind of craving Jimmy John's Turkey Tom!...no tomato. 

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