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Little Tokyo Eats | 55

(photos taken: October 14, 2015)

I wasn't sure if I should put these "reviews" together or separate, but I feel if I were to do them separately it would be short...something that doesn't go with my blog. So these are just a few places that we've gone to eat. Some were really good, others not so much but you know I'm kind of picky and not everything is appealing to me so, results may vary *Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide voice* 

Most of the places I'm going to talk about are located inside the Japanese Village Plaze. I'll provide the name of the place not address because it's all in this plaza.

(photo taken: March 16, 2015)

Starting off with Mochi! Milton has always wanted to take me to a shop he's been to but it always seems to be closed! Instead we went to Mikawaya! They sell mochi, gelato, pastries, and I'm not sure if coffee as well. This was the first place I ever tried Mochi and I won't lie, the first time I wasn't a fan of it! I hate biting into ice cream, and it felt gooey which I kept feeling it getting stuck on my braces, and I didn't know why it was powdery. So my first experience was a bit off, but now I really enjoy it! My go to flavor is that basic? I've tried strawberry and the coffee flavored one which is really good too! When we don't go here we go to a family mart outside the plaza where they sell them in little boxes and we chill there for a while most likely with lotto scratchers!

(photos taken: June 15, 2015)

This day we ate dessert before eating actual food cause everything's better that way! We didn't know what to get, Yogurtland, Johnny Rockets, or some sort of pastry/cake. I don't know if it was this time, but we went to Cafe Dulce because they have pretty interesting donuts. But as we were deciding what we wanted we saw there was a fly on the donuts and it touched about five of them. Some other fellas noticed it too and told the guy, we all just ended up leaving. We went across from there to Yamazaki Bakery and ordered a red velvet slice and I believe cheesecake. I (as always) had trouble deciding what I wanted but because everything looked really delicious, and it was! Definitely want to go back to try the Oreo cake slice!

After walking around for a while we decided to come to Sushi & Teri (across from the bakery) and have lunch. Okay so you know how there's those "basic" people who order frappes at Starbucks, I think I'm like that because the only thing I like is Teriyaki Chicken. But we saw they had this plate (picture above) that had a little of everything. It was perfect because I'd be able to try everything. Comes with white rice, tempura, four pieces of sushi, teriyaki chicken and a side of salad. Ohh and like an orange and something. The price wasn't bad either! I wish I liked sushi. It probably is good I just have the thought of raw fish and seaweed and the smell isn't satisfying to me. I think I barely finished one roll, I fought to keep it down. The tempura was really good. I almost finished it all, I just got tired of the whole friedness. I ate some of the salad because it came with a dressing I didn't like. Rice was you know, rice. And the teriyaki ohh lord! That was probably the best chicken I've tried! I tried making it last but I downed that! I suggest coming to this place for a casual lunch or if you want to try a little of everything!

(photos taken: October 2, 2015)

This day we went to lunch with Milton's friend Jeffrey! He wanted to take us to a certain ramen spot, ohh this isn't in the Japanese Village Plaza. It is nearby though, it's inside Weller Court. Like I said, we were originally going to a ramen spot but we weren't really up for it so we walked down and saw this restaurant, Hot Pot Galaxy. Once you go in the walls are painted with like neon paint or something, not sure how to explain it. And they also give you 3D glasses to see the paintings more vivid. 

Unfortunately, there was no teriyaki at this place! But there were some good meals! I went with the Kung Pao Chicken! At first when the food came I thought it was pretty small, but I didn't mind as much because I don't eat a lot plus I wasn't too hungry. The meal comes with rice and I suppose it's green beans/salad? You can also substitute the rice for brown rice! I wanted to but I stayed with the regular. As I started to dig in I realized it was packed! It was a good amount of food and I left full but super satisfied! Definitely need to go back and I recommend it as well, a really chill place!   

(photos taken: October 14, 2015)

Last one for tonight. Once again, trying new things we headed to Kagura! It was kind of early for lunch but I decided to buy something to eat along with Milton. I like that they have a special menu which you can pick two things and a side...for good price. I ordered the teriyaki and ramen with a salad on the side. I was excited and curious to try the ramen because I've never tried it before. I like the environment in this restaurant! The food arrived and I immediately went for the teriyaki! It was alright, not the best I've had, I kept feeling mostly soggy/mushy parts in there. I smelled the ramen and the smell wasn't good. I put some sriracha in it to give it more taste. I just didn't like that. Only took two tries, it wasn't great. I don't know how people make a big deal over sushi and ramen! It ended up being a waste because I hardly touched my food, I felt bad. But you know you can still try it out, what I don't like others might find delicious!  

Okay I think I made this longer than I expected to. Hope you guys enjoy and hopefully you do try these places out! 

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