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Subway | 44

(photo taken: April 8, 2015)

So if you're a good friend, or you watch our vlogs, you'll know that I was working at Subway. Was. If you're curious to know what happened, feel free to continue reading...

So after almost a year of looking for a job, I was excited to know that I was hired at Subway! "I think we're sticking with you" were the words that calmed me down at my second interview. I was given my uniform and I had to go all the way to Van Nuys for the orientation. Me being happy about the fact that I was going to have a real job, I didn't care that it was fast food, I didn't care what people said, I wanted to make the best of it. And I guess I did, for three months.

First off, I hate the fact that my first day was also on the big 1 year anniversary of my boyfriend and I! I didn't get out until 3 so we didn't have much time for celebration. But I was happy. At first all my coworkers seemed so nice and I loved the way they all treated each other and how they worked. I'm like "deyum, hopefully I get to be part of that soon and not just be the new girl!". Training was pretty simple, it was all tests and reading online for like three days I believe. Until one day, I believe it was a Saturday, they were short on workers and it was rush hour so they needed us (me and another guy who was also hired) to step in. Just wing it and try our best, we were just thrown in like that! I was pretty shakey and nervous and I would over pack the sandwiches with so many veggies! And some people did notice I was new by my actions, some were okay about it, others seemed annoyed. Since day one I never cared about the rude customers, I never talked back but I also didn't stay quiet. After the place got empty I was glad that was over because I know I wasn't doing my best, but hey it was my first time being on the line!

So then they taught me how to work the POS system. It's pretty easy actually and I enjoyed being there! I just hated when people would use EBT, nothing personal but it would hold up the line a bit more and the PIC (people in charge) would think I was doing something wrong and they'd get mad. I got the hang of it pretty quick. I believe that same day I finished making a sandwich and the guy training to be the manager said he was impressed. A few days later he had said the same thing but said he didn't want to tell me because I would probably slack off or whatever. 

I hated opening! I was opening for probably the first month, and even though I was getting good hours (I was part time) it was a pain! I would have to be up at 4:30 to be there at 5:30. Getting there I was responsible for immediately starting on the coffee (since we needed four pots filled and we opened at 6), then clean the oven because that took time to start up and be ready, then put the nozzles on the soda machines, clean the restroom, clean the tables and push in chairs, take the big sign out, checking on the coffee, and helping out the other PIC. It was just two of us. It would get on my nerves that I was there promptly at 5:30, sometimes a few minutes earlier, and the chick would get there at around 5:40. So we'd have to rush to get everything done! At first I didn't like her because whenever I'd ask her for help she'd give me a look and looked bothered teaching me. So I decided I wouldn't ask for her help anymore. In the end I felt comfortable around and her and sh was a great help! I never understood why we stopped selling coffee at 11 yet we'd serve breakfast the entire day?

DISCLAIME: Just realizing this may be quite a long post!

(photo taken: April 25, 2015)

When I'd open I was responsible for...preparing veggies (cucumbers, onion, bell pepper for the day), vinegars (jalapenos, olives, pickles, and banana peppers, omg it would reek so bad!), lettuce and spinach, soups, and tuna. Everything for the day, so it would take me foreveeer to complete! At first it could be "okay" because I was new, but then afterwards I'd get shit for it. Which is understandable I mean FAST food, but come on give me a helping hand! In the beginning I would hate being on the line! I was disappointed that my sandwiches were ugly and they'd fall apart and the wrapping was horrible! Got to a point I was really disappointed that I cried...I'd rather be in the back preparing food or washing dishes! But slowly, that would be so tedious, I would hate washing dishes and I would cross my fingers it would get packed so I'd go help them! Right off the bat I knew I'd get along with...three people. They were so awesome from the beginning till the end and so helpful! I'd also hate taking out the trash because it would be heavy and I'd struggle picking it up and having to throw it in the big dumpster. One time as I struggled to pick it up I felt my heart skip a beat or two and afterwards I felt dizzy and had a headache...yeah using too much force isn't good! Plus they had said the guys were in charge of that!

Speaking of guys, one of them ended up "crushing" on me or whatever, despite the fact he had his girlfriend pregnant. Wow, what a "man" you are! It was good the first month, month and a half. I mean I got discounts, sometimes I'd forget to pay my food when I'd clock out so there was free lunch, 12-6 would be fun because I liked being with the guys since they were laidback and weren't so much on my case! Once I'd see it was 3, I knew it would be a good last hours. There would be more people coming in sometimes, at 4 I'd do temperatures or take my lunch, then I'd clean and refill the line, do dining, and then once 5 hit I was responsible for chips and drinks, and dishes but that I hated!

You're supposed to make the sandwich in two minutes and a half. From the moment the customer tells you what sandwich they want to the moment you say "thank you have a great day", that's supposed to be two minutes and a half. Btw, when the manager talked to me she said it was actually a minute and a half. Sorry but bishhh what??? Like you can't even do that! Anyway, they said it would take about two months for me to get the hang of it and the pace. I would get frustrated as well because I wouldn't finish within the time I was given. That would slow me down and sometimes others too because they would step in to help...SOMETIMES! Slowly everything was different and wasn't the same. I understand I would take a long time in dishes and I wasn't as quick compared to them with the sandwiches, but I was trying! I actually kept my cool with customers even when they were rude or disgusting. I never yelled back at a customer or talked crap about them to a coworker in front of them. I actually enjoyed working with customers!

This one Saturday I was given a write up because I didn't finish doing the soups in the given time. Three write ups and you're fired. A week or two later they told me if I wasn't done at a certain time I would get another write up along with the PIC. Pretty stressed out causing me to make a few mistakes here and there because I was trying to do things quick. I would HATE how some people would just stare at me rushing and constantly reminding me how much time remained. There would be times I entered at 10 and the person who had to be done with everything wasn't finished so they would ask me to help. I wasn't a douche, plus I liked the girl she was always nice and talking to me, so I helped. But when it came down to me NO ONE helped. And well that's when I knew that I wasn't going to be there for long so it was best to continue job hunting, I already was because I wanted a different job. 

(photo taken: June 21, 2015)

Then the talk came about two weeks later. I was already given less hours so I felt it coming. The manager asked to speak to me and that's when she asked if I needed further training or what help I needed because my performance wasn't at the pace it had to be. Like I said before, I understand it's a FAST food restaurant, but that was too much pressure and they would NEVER help. Except for the three people, but I felt bad because that took time away from whatever they were doing. I think everyone there and even at home knew I wasn't happy there. I was there for the money, although I did like making the sandwiches, I didn't mind cleaning, I liked being at the cashier, I liked talking with the customers, the pressure was killing me. I'd have to stay extra time to finish doing what I had to do. So I signed a paper saying confirming I had the conversation. But she said if I had one more that I would be fired. One or two more, not sure.

So that was the last of it. I think I just worked another week, two days because that's all I was getting per week, before I quit. I didn't want to get fired so I decided to quit. It was sad because I was just starting to make my own money and help pay bills, now I was gonna have to go back to depending on my parents for my allowance. I quit in the most unprofessional way: through a text. Yes that's wrong, but it felt good after what happened. I remember feeling so stupid because "El Compa" had to show me how to do dining because apparently I wasn't doing it right. Like COME ON! And I knew he was sent to do it. The look on his face even said "why am I doing this". So how do you think I felt when I had to watch and learn how to clean table and stuff. UGHHH!!! It still really pisses me off to this day! 

And I think I made my point this is already long enough I believe. Don't get me wrong, I had some good times and good laughs there! But it was probably only 40% of the time. And I'm disappointed it didn't last. 

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