Friday, November 20, 2015

Genuine Love | 54

DISCLAIMER: Pissed off that Google didn't have pictures like these with Mexican people! They're all white folks. 

Alright well I was trying to find a picture of my parents without their faces in it, but I couldn't find one. So today is their anniversary! Happy anniversary fam...literally! And I kind of want to dedicate this blog post to them!

So let me start off by saying my parents knew each other since they were teens in Mexico, destiny, fate, whatever led them to find each other here. It's so cute how my mum says she would hate my dad and she would find him so annoying and arrogant! Everyone thinks my dad is arrogant or just a mean person. Like naw, I get my mean resting face from him. And my attitude from my mum. Which is where I'm headed to next. My dad isn't Mr.Prince Charming. He's not the type to bring flowers to my mum, he won't pull out the chair for her or walk on the street side of the sidewalk. My mum isn't a princess. She's not the type to just stay quiet, she doesn't like my dad being "cute" with her because when they were dating she would be a "gota de miel" with him and he wouldn't like it. So they're not your Nicholas Sparks characters, and not just cause they're Mexican. You won't see them holding hands, you won't see them hugging or cuddling, because one that's not them and two, it's true that some couples at that age look stupid doing certain things. But you know their love is something real and special through their actions.

They have gone through a lot of stuff, obviously. I'm thankful and blessed to have them as my parents because I've learned so much from them through observing. My mum always told me that if you're going to be serious and marry a person, you need to be prepared to go through everything with them. EVERYTHING. The death of one of their parents, trying to make ends meet, helping one another in times of need, trying to raise a family, so many things. You have to go through whatever life throws at you without giving up! I'm glad I learned that a relationship will NEVER be perfect! A relationship can't always be smiles and laughter because that gets old. If you're not fighting, something's wrong. But too much fighting isn't great either. When I was a kid I would cry when I'd see them argue or just not talk to each other. For any little thing I would think they would get a divorce and I'll be like most kids with divorced parents. Until my mum told me that every couple fights and that it's long as it doesn't lead to physical or verbal violence!

I love how they can make fun of each other and just go at it until one can't talk because they're dying of laughter! I love how when they're mad at each other they won't say a word or look at each other, but if one leaves the house they'll immediately ask me or my brothers where they're going. When they're mad and one of them is sick, they make sure they have the essentials. I love how lately they've been more "cute" to each other. By "cute" I mean they act like teenagers and whatever they say to each other just comes out funny! If my mum is down or my dad is worried about something, one will take the other out for coffee. I almost cry when my mum tells me stories about them and she randomly says she loves and cares about my dad so much! My dad kills me when he writes us a card for Christmas or our birthdays!!! I swear he was probably a writer in his past life and it was passed down to me! He makes me cry with his cards because he's not trying to be sensitive or cute. The things he says comes natural to him and since he never expresses himself, it's shocking! The words don't need to be long or cliche, they're simple but have so much meaning to them! I never read what he writes to my mum, but she just stays there crying for like 5 minutes. 

I notice things about myself and I realize who I get it from. I can't express myself or talk to someone about my feelings in person, but I can definitely write them dad! I don't like PDA because it looks wrong to an extent, and I do have an mum! They give me hope. Hope that some day if I do get married I can be like them! I remember in middle school so many of my classmates would talk about how they spent their weekend at their dad's place or how they with they could split themselves into two to be with both their parents. And all I was thinking was how blessed I am that God put me with great Mexicans! I never saw violence in the house of ANY kind! As I grew older I realized that maybe you don't have to say things, your actions show how much you care/love someone. Many people have parents who can't even stand each other. My parents get on each others' nerves so much but at the end of the day they stick together! "En estos tiempos uno se enoja y se van por su propio camino" my mum always says. Growing up seeing them together taught me a lot and I'm glad because it's shaped me to be who I am now. 

They're not gonna be those old couples who cuddle in the winter by the fireplace, or who take a stroll hand in hand during a full moon. They're gonna be the type to be making fun of how wrinkly they are, they're gonna still be inappropriate, they'll still laugh at each other and their fake teeth will fall off and laugh even harder! They won't be disgustingly loving to each other, they will punk each other and my dad will call my dad "cabrona" and my mum will smack him on his bald head! They have a special relationship! It makes me sad and makes me wanna cry thinking they're only getting older and soon they'll be having wrinkles and be tired. But I feel all the laughs they have will keep each other well since laughter is the best medicine! I love my parents! I'm glad I have a home, not just a house. Happy anniversary to my parents and may they be blessed with many many more years to come and great health! 

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