Monday, November 16, 2015

Los Angeles River |50

(photos taken: June 6, 2015)

That picture had a great angle! *sarcasm* This adventure was with my mum and brother. I enjoyed it, I just didn't like the fact it was kind of hot, there was no shade, and I had a headache! All my life I had passed by the LA river, never knowing that's what it was. Until I once asked my parents what that dry place was and I was pretty shocked and upset. This part we went to had some water, but the part we'd always pass by, near a Sears, would always be dry! I pictured it to be big, beautiful and carry a lot of water. It was big but it was a disappointment!

I didn't know exactly where we were going. But I guessed it when my brother mentioned they'd bike their way through there to go to Glendale Galleria. Once we got there we saw an elderly couple on bikes! They stopped for a break but they were so cute together and the fact that they were being active and out there in the heat, wow props! While I was over here complaining about walking! I'm not sure how far we walked, but it was a good amount of time! 

We took a few breaks to drink water and for me to get a few pictures. I liked the whole nature thing, I just didn't like that some areas looked pretty sketchy and I mean where do you run to? The river? There were people actually in the water and stepping on the rocks. I kind of wanted to jump the rail and go to the water but in the end I didn't. Apparently my mum wanted to show me a pretty good spot they had previously gone to, but we were kind of tired after a while, plus we had to walk back to the beginning and more walking to go get the car!

We walked through a bridge and I was kind of freaking out because I kept thinking any moment the bridge could collapse. Yeah I'm always thinking the worst scenarios! And walking along the bridge I found the "love locks"! I know they have them in France I believe? But it's super packed there! There were quite a few locks on both sides of the bridge. Some with recent dates, some from a long time ago and it made me wonder how those couples are doing. After all those years are they still together, married, or with someone else? I think it would be great to go and leave your own lock! There was actually one that said "just married" with a pretty recent date so that was pretty cute! 

No doubt there was graffiti, but I liked this part. Because it's true. We all focus so much on money and we stress so much about our jobs, doing what we can to keep them because adulthood sucks! And in the end we just want to feel happy and not stressed, at peace! There were a few other quotes and drawings, but this one was my favorite! My mum even took a picture of it para el feis! I enjoyed this walk! Although it did suck because of the circumstances, it paid off in the end because we ended up going to In N Out!!! So all was great that day!

If you've noticed some of my latest posts have been a bit shorter, hope you guys are still liking them! I'm actually falling asleep while finishing this post up! Just did some planning, so more posts to come your way!...

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