Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Xolos | 52

(photos taken: July 3, 2015)


Fan girl moment over...kind of! Well no, I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that I basically met him and we're basically best friends on Twitter since he always favorites when I tweet him. Ohh yeah, he basically knows who I am cause he approved me following him on Instagram! Besties 4 lyfe!

Okay, now that I vented, time to tell you guys a little about this game!

I think this was the third time I've attended a Xolos game! I went in December last year, then I think sometime in April, and well this time I'm talking about. They were held in the StubHub center but this time it was held at CSU Fullerton. Look mum I made it! Naw, but I was pretty excited! We gave my dad tickets for his birthday and his face was like a little kid when they get their favorite toy for Christmas! Homie was excited! He's been a fan for a while now, and more excitement because the seats were pretty close. I was crossing fingers I'd have an encounter with a few players...basically did!

The games are always a fun time! I remember everyone got home early, showered, got ready and we left as soon as we could because we knew we'd get traffic. Getting there we realized everyone was going for the opposing team, Leones maybe? There were hardly any Xolos fans *inserts crying emoji* Ohh, so Xolos is short for Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog) and the team is from Tijuana. You're welcome for the little background info. There was a season where they were doing pretty good, winning most games, but they've been kind of going down. Well anywho, the first time I went to the game I didn't know any of the players, I hardly watched the games. But after that first game I checked the players and immediately two of them became "bae". Paul Arriola, and Greg Garza, but he's no longer with them anymore. 

Many people say "Mexican soccer games" get crazy and violent, at least the ones we've been to haven't been crazy. Well yes they are but in the way that there's so many people cheering, the chants, the wave, it's a good time! We were walking around while the gates opened, trying to find fellow Xolos. Once we walked in we were making our way to our seats and two people came up to us asking if they could take a picture of us. Sure why not, we were wearing our jerseys and my dad had his Xolos cap and flag. So after getting our snacks and going to the restroom one last time, we were sitting waiting for the game to start. Since I follow them on Twitter I was seeing the updates, and I thought "hey what if we show up on a picture", and that's when I saw. Our picture was posted on their Twitter account! I don't know, it was pretty funny to me. 

The players started making their way to the field and warming up. I love watching them warming up, and I was looking out for #20 Arriola! They had their jerseys covered so it made it worse since my eyesight is horrible! But then once the game was about to start, I spotted him! I was freaking out because I noticed how close he was! It wasn't even halftime or anything, but I saw people were against the rail taking pictures with them and getting jerseys signed. Some were told to sit down, others just stayed. I wanted to go because Arriola was there warming up but I didn't want to be told to sit down, or worse be ignored! I felt anxious, I didn't know if I should go and risk the embarrassment, but when else will I get the opportunity? I kept screaming his name and he'd turn and wave *fangirling* Until I'm like YOLOOO I'm going for it! My dad came with me and I was shaking getting my camera ready. I still had my old phone so I was embarrassed to take a selfie, plus I knew I wouldn't have a lot of time since once of the securities was getting closer. I got to the rail and with my shaky voice I yelled "Arriola" and he turned around for the picture giving a thumbs up. I swear I had to take four different several ones because my hand was shaking! Bet he thought I didn't know how to capture a picture. But I couldn't believe that was happening!!! Then I got a few pictures of the rest of the players, but they were blurry.

I had to leave because the security told me to go back. But I didn't care anymore because I got the picture! I even held my phone up in victory as I went to sit down. My mum was also screaming and fangirling! I didn't care how the game ended, I was happy! My night and year was made! Btw, I had to work the next day, I had be up by 4AM! So my mum kept teasing me saying that when I wake up grumpy and I'm mad at work the next day, to just think about that moment! And it helped because I left pretty early. I also saw one of the goalies for Sub20 I think, he's pretty tall! I just forgot his name! I knew it was Carlos but I kept thinking what if it's not his name and I make a fool out of myself. And to think I actually spoke to him through Instagram! Yes, we're also bestfriends! lol The game came to an end with Xolos winning! Best part aside from the Arriola encounter, there was a beautiful sunset in the beginning of the game and a full moon at the end. We left happy, especially me! Slowly I was getting pretty mad I had to be up early! But that picture and that moment was worth it! 

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