Monday, November 16, 2015

Space Cafe | 49

(photos taken: June 2, 2015)

We made a review on YouTube about Space Cafe as well so feel free to watch it here!

We were introduced to this coffee shop by my brother without realizing it's pretty close to my house. I guess because it's new as well, just opened in the beginning of the year. We decided to go check it out and we left happy! 

I feel bad because I don't remember much of what they sell, but in the first picture it's pretty much explained what they have, coffee wise. Each day they have their different brew of the day. They sell coffee as well, and I think a couple bottled drinks. They have the famous and delicious Madeleine cookies, three I'm sorry I don't know, I want to say $1.50. I think it's better to check out the review we made because we had accurate information. The iced coffee tastes pretty great! You have milk and sugar on the side, as well as water for those of us who need to hydrate after drinking coffee! They have different pastries and danishes too! 

We've only been there twice I think, but I've really been wanting to go back! I like that spot because it's pretty quiet inside, they have wifi, although they could have used an AC during the summer, I really like the vibe in there. The guy, Michael, takes his time to make some great coffee and he's pretty cool! He let us take pictures and vlog a bit in there for the review. It's really calm and I like the type of music they play. I guess you can also have an open mic or something because I've seen people in there performing and even have fancy camera equipment. 

I definitely recommend this place. Really chill, pretty good coffee, plus the wifi works pretty good! So you should go check it out, they also have a few ways you can get a discount of 10 or 15% off by...

1. Giving them a review on Yelp
2. Showing your student ID
3. Taking your own Tumbler cups (Tumbler, not Tumblr)
and 4. Stopping by during happy hour, from 6-9p.m.!

Address: 3020 Wilshire Blvd. LA, CA 90010

No reason as to why you shouldn't go, it's worth it! 

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