Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zoo...With The Kids | 42

(photos taken: March 9, 2015)

DISCLAIMER: I wasn't able to get many pictures this day. The ones I did I can't post due to my blog rules, same as the previous post.

This was the second and last time I went to a field trip as a volunteer or "chaperon" (click here to read the previous post). This time it was a bit more responsibility because we had our own group of kids, about 5-6 and we were responsible for going through the zoo with them and keeping them under control. Milton came along, the TA was there, and the teacher's son as well. When we got to school they told us that Milton wouldn't be able to go because the school needed his emergency card and a record of his TB shot. So while they were making a big deal I went to the classroom because apparently one of the students had puked. I stayed in the classroom while they went to get cleaning supplies. In the end Milton was able to come after all thanks to Mr.Rogers, but the kid who puked stayed behind since he was acting up.

We all got our group and we headed out to the bus. The ride was pretty chill and quick. I was glad that Milton was coming along, he was able to meet the kids, my kids, and he was able to see and experience what I love doing! Once we got there we were given our maps and decided where and what time to meet up, afterwards we were able to head whichever direction we wanted. It ended up being us two and Ms.Mejia (the TA) hanging out with all our kids. This time around I was worried I wasn't going to be able to calm them down or worse, lose a kid! But thank God none of that happened! 

We all took turns going to the places we wanted to see. Of course all the kids were so amazed and were having a fun time seeing and learning about the animals! I think that was cuter than the museum just because the animals were there and they were able to observe their behavior. We tried seeing as much as we could. They all freaked out, mostly the girls, when we entered the reptile room. That's where one of my kids really enjoyed being. I noticed the places we had previously gone he would just walk through it, but this time he really took his time looking through everything and trying to find the "hidden" snakes. I remember going to see the flamingos and I forgot how bad it stinks once you get there! They're so cute with their pink appearance, but the smell isn't cute! I enjoyed seeing the koalas too, I always wanted to hold one! My favorite thing was seeing a kangaroo momma have her kangaroo baby in her pouch! I mean I knew that's how they carry they babies, but I had never seen that before and it amazed me so much and was heartwarming seeing that!

There were so many great things at the zoo! Even though I had gone two years prior, I felt like it was a long time and I felt like a kid myself. Another thing that also warmed up my heart was seeing Milton interacting with the kids. He was kind to them but also playful and "sarcastic" with them which I love! If I do become a teacher I want to be playful and caring, but I feel along the years I'll become sarcastic but in a funny way. A little girl even developed a crush on him! It was time to meet up for lunch so we headed to the entrance. But like any elementary field trip, something has to happen. As we were walking I saw what I thought water being spilled. I thought a kid tripped and dropped water, but when I saw it was a girl probably in 2nd grade throwing up as she was walking! Like that girl didn't even stop, she was walking and puking, multitasking! Pretty gross I know, sorry!

I really wanted to buy a little souvenir or a plush toy and of course food, but we were told if we bought something we'd have to buy everyone something so no! We got on the bus and went about 5 minutes away to a park to have lunch. It was a great spot, I really wanted to get on the swings though! While eating one of the kids starting singing, "I can believe I can flyyy", I know the song isn't like that but he made his remix! At first it was cute how he sang it but then it got annoying because he wouldn't stop! After eating we shared what was our favorite part of the zoo, mine being the kangaroo! We got thanked by the kids for being there and helping out and made our way to school.

We got there with some time to spare so they had story time. But incidents didn't end there. One of the girls asked to go to the restroom but we realized it had been a while since she left so I went to check on her. When I finally found her, one of the ladies who helped out was calling her and she let me go inside the restroom. When she heard it was me she yelled, "Ms.Zulema I did pee in my pants!" I wanted to laugh but I couldn't say anything because I didn't want her feeling bad. So we went to the nurse so she could change but the bell was going to ring soon so we were told to go back to class. Ohh and also when we came back we went to the drinking fountain and a kid's nose started to bleed! It never ends! I felt like a real teacher you know, taking care of the munchkins. I probably enjoyed this field trip more, and I'm glad I was able to share it with my other halfff...

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