Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Museum With The Kids | 41

(photos taken: March 6, 2015)

I mentioned in a post before that I was volunteering at my elementary school for a good couple months (click here to read it). Towards the end of my time there (sounds so serious) I was lucky enough to go on two field trips with them. I could have gone to a few other ones but I never found out because I would miss some days. This was the first one I went on, to the Natural History Museum on a Friday and the following Monday we went to the LA Zoo! Both were great adventures and I wish I could have gone on other field trips with them!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I've been pushing it aside and I haven't gone back. Kind of disappointed.

I felt pretty bad because we went to the museum walking. I mean it's not too far (according to Google Maps 1.7 miles) but for the kids (kindergarten) it was a long walk plus it was hot! There were different classes going so it was a huge group of us all in a line. I was in charge for the back of the line, the TA was in charge of the middle, and the teacher in the front. It took a while to get there too because the kids walk kind of slow. It would be super cute when crossing the streets because the kids would take their sweet time waving and screaming "thaaaaank youuuuu" at the drivers! Trust me, those kids are so adorable! By the time we got to USC and went through the campus the kids were tired and complaining. "Ms.Zulema are we there yet it's so hot" "Teacher I'm so tired" so many complaints and I felt bad I wanted them to take a break but I mean we were already close by. We were finally across the museum by the train station and some police held the traffic while we crossed, and they were amazed by the cops and kept talking to them. 

We got to the entrance and we had to wait a while so everyone could get situated and to get things planned. We finally went inside and it was a relief to everyone because it was fresh! Of course they were amazed seeing the huge dinosaur! Aside from loving kids, I love seeing their faces and watching as they discover everything. It's really cute! I was pretty amazed myself because the last time I went there was when I was their age! One of my favorite things was this big room in the middle of different shops and pathways to exhibits. There was a big chandelier or a big light above us and it looked really fancy and nice! I really liked the exhibits! 

I felt like time went by quick inside! So many things to see I don't know if we were able to see everything. Then it came time for lunch! We all made our way outside to the grassy area and took a minute to give everyone their lunch. I hadn't taken any lunch because I decided to buy something there, so I went with Mr.Rogers to the science center. And apparently McDonald's isn't there anymore. Hasn't been for a while. So we decided to get something at like a Mexican restaurant. I didn't know what to get so I went for a chicken burrito. Pretty simple but the salsa made it taste bomb since it was pretty spicy! Talk about great teachers, he didn't let me pay for my food. He paid saying to save my money for the zoo on Monday. While waiting and going back we were talking about my family, since he's my cousins's padrino. And since he had met Milton before, he said I could bring him along to the zoo since he was bringing his son as well. "Just don't go off doing your own thing", lol I made sure we didn't because I mean we were there to "work", guide our own group, why give that image to little kids? 

We got back to the kids and they were all enjoying their lunch. Since we were sitting in a circle we all shared what we liked best from the museum. I was sniffing too much because the chile was pretty spicy and I didn't get a drink! After eating they got a bit crazy and started running and playing around even though we told them to rest because we'd have to walk back again and they were going to be tired! Some listened, some were still "burning off their lunch". We were getting ready to leave when I heard one of my kids (my fave) crying. I went to see what was wrong and I don't know how it happened, but he cut his hand on the tree and his little hand was bleeding! It looked pretty nasty and poor kid was crying, he's always falling or getting hurt or something. They were able to get some napkins and hand sanitizer and when it went on his hands ohh boy I felt his pain! I was trying to get everyone in line to leave when another of my fave said she felt sick and wanted to throw up. Ohh lord, so I took her to the restroom and she was so cute while in there she's like "Ms.Zulema I can't do anything" *inserts laughing emoji* Like I guess she couldn't use the restroom or puke. So we left and told her to drink some water and ended up feeling better.

After different incidents, we were finally on our way back! Going through USC housing there were shirtless guys playing soccer in the streets. Made me feel bad that I'm missing out on the whole "college experience" because something as simple as closing down that street to play and have music playing seemed pretty legit! So any who, they were playing soccer and then one of them was skating with a Minnie Mouse head on! So the kids were like "Look look it's Minnie" "Ohh no it's a boy" "Ahhh they're naked ewww"! In my head I was thinking, oooh girls give it a few years and you'll be drooling over shirtless guys, not gonna be saying ewww anymore! They were complaining going back to school again, but not as much I guess because they had ate already. It was a pretty great field trip, despite the heat and the complaining and the accidents. It was my first time being "chaperon" and I'm glad I survived and didn't lose a kid! 

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